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Centellax Announces 17G Stressed Serial BERT for 16x Fibre Channel (16GFC) and 14G InfiniBand FDR

PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 02, 2011 - SANTA ROSA, CALIF.----September 1, 2011—

Centellax announced today the release of a new 3-17G Stressed Serial BERT Solution (model #SSB17) intended for testing to 16x Fibre Channel (16GFC) and 14G InfiniBand FDR standards. This new test solution now offers the highest performance for compliance verification at rates between 3 and 17 Gb/s.

The SSB17 system contains a serial BERT controller (SSB16000 or SSB16000J) and full-rate pattern generator (PG17) and error detector (ED17) remote mountable heads. This compact system allows the pattern generation and error detection to be placed directly next to the DUT, eliminating the need for long, expensive cabling and the loss associated with lengthy cables. All of the standard patterns used for Fibre Channel and InfiniBand a oled technology on mobile phone re built in. For users with special pattern requirements, programmable patterns up to 8 Mb in length can be easily created and downloaded into the remote heads using the complementary Signal Integrity Studio analysis program.

"The eye quality is exceptional – the rails are flat with virtually no ripple and rise and fall times are fast with minimal overshoot. Along with the eye quality, we have a wide range of amplitude setting ability which allows directly testing receiver sensitivity without the need for switching in external attenuators," said Steve Sekel, Vice President of Product Management at Centellax, Inc. "Plus, our affordable price point provides a solution to cost-sensitive users who, until now, were considering work arounds."

SSB17 Features include:

Full data rate Pattern Generation and Error DetectionIntegrated clock source with calibrated stress capabilityBuilt-in selection of PRBS and common telecom/datacom test patternsFully programmable user-defined patternsRemote heads place the signal very close to DUTFully programmable generator output/detector input parametersRemote control through USB or GPIBCompact sizeFree g my photo and wallpaper raphical user interface: Centellax Signal Integrity StudioFor more information, visit the SSB17 webpage at http://www.centellax.com/products/testmeas/SSB17.

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