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CDIL LED Lighting Division Looking for Indian Distributors

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 25, 2011 – Continental Device I my photo and wallpaper ndia Limited (CDIL), pioneers of manufacturing silicon semiconductor devices in India since 1964, launched their LED Product Division to extend the Indian lighting market. CDIL LED Products demonstrate its commitment to promote advancement in next-generation lighting, and to lead the way in establishing LEDs as energy-efficient, cost-saving lighting that address the needs of energy management solutions.

CDIL product line in India features an extensive LED Tube Light line, a high-efficiency LED Street Light line along with LED Bulbs and Solar Home Lighting Products. The LED Tube Light line includes the usage of SMD as well as DIP technology, which uses G13 sockets and fits into the existing FTL fitting. The usage of choke & starter shall be eliminated completely. The LED tube light consumes almost 50% less energy as compared to normal fluorescent tube light with 3-5 times more life. The large industrial companies, where tube lights are continuously running are moving towards LED tube lights resulting in a direct energy cost reduction. The hesitancy to change immediately is on account of higher cost of LED tube lights, which is expected to come down as the volume increases.

CDIL LED lighting products offer a number of advantages over traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, including a longer product life. CDIL LED light operates for no less than 50,000 hours, which reduces power consumption and oled technology on mobile phone CO2 emissions. Additionally, CDIL products contain no toxic mercury substances such as 1086274749  those found in compact fluorescent bulbs.

CDIL products offer the following features: high-energy efficiencies, long life and high reliability, high-color rendering, mercury free, low UV/IR radiation, and Conforms to CE standards.

For more information, please visit the website or contact Ashish Samuel on +91-9999-895-059 /

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