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Valydate partners with Tech-Trek

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 27, 2011 – Valydate Inc., an Ottawa-based electronic product verification company, has partnered with manufacturers' representative Tech-Trek Ltd., Mississauga, to expand its presence across Canada.

Specialists in schematic review and validation, Valydate's clients benefit from the identification of design errors and marginalities early in the hardware design cycle, where they have the least impact on time, quality and cost. Valydate's proven techniques, process and automated tools are invaluable to hardware designers at the schematic design stage.

Valydate's technology is applicable to multiple needs within an OEM's design operations. While primarily crea oled technology on mobile phone ted to tackle emerging product developments, this rules-based and CAD-agnostic technology applies directly to other areas, providing enhanced business value to any client's product development requirements.

Tech-Trek will promote and support Valydate throughout Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. The partnership addresses a growing demand 1086274749  for verification of electronic designs as early as possible in the design cycle. Tech-Trek's established and broad customer base will have quick access to Valydate's schematic integrity my photo and wallpaper analysis.

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