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Cell Phone Spying without Installing Spy Software to Target Cell Phone

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 25, 2011 – As the owner and administrator of several web sites related to cell phone spying I get asked lots of questions about cell phone spying. One I see asked a lot is if it is possible to spy on someones cell phone WITHOUT installing a spy app to it.

You can spy on someones phone without installing a spy app to it but you can't use conventional phone spy software. The next question I always get is 'so what is the right kind of phone spy to spy on someones phone remotely?'

The mobile phone spy software fo my photo and wallpaper r this kind of task is called a CellControl remote phone spy. This special phone spy software doesn't go onto the phone your spying on like usual. It gets placed on your phone instead.

Since no software gets install on to the mobile phone you are spying on the chances of that person knowing they are being spied on is nill. So step one in the process is install the phone spy to our phone. Step number two is to let the spy software know what phone we want to spy on.

This is easily done by connecting with the phone we are going to spy on by simply making a phone call to that phone and stay connected with it for about a minute or a little less. The purpose of this half a minute initial connection with the target phone after we install the spy to our phone is to communicate with our spy software and let it know which cell phone we are spying on.

The remote install cell control spy is

1086274749  In reality it is pretty difficult to find a good solid remote phone spy software. 2 things to look for if you don't want to get scammed - a guarantee of some sort and even better, technical support of some kind as well.

To learn more about this CellControl software visit http://www.spy-cell-phone- oled technology on mobile phone

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