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IMP Aerospace Selects Inmedius® for Enterprise-Wide S1000D Technical Publications

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 27, 2011 – IMP Aerospace Selects Inmedius® for Enterprise-Wide S1000D Technical Publications S1000D Publishing Suite™ Software to Support Military & Civilian Projects

Pittsburgh, PA – J oled technology on mobile phone une 27, 2011 Inmedius®, Inc. has been selected by IMP Aerospace of Nova Scotia, Canada to utilize its S1000D Publishing Suite™ software, maintenance services, and training in order to produce technical documentation and electronic manuals for both military and civilian projects.  A division of IMP Group formed in 1970, IMP Aerospace has earned a reputation as a leader in the field of military aircraft engineering, depot level maintenance and related specialized In-Service Support.

"Inmedius was selected for our S1000D Technical Publications after months of research and analysis of various S1000D software products and vendors," explained Betty Morrison, Technical Publications Manager, IMP Aerospace.  "The S1000D Publishing Suite will be used in conjunction with our existing publishing environment to produce, manage, and develop S1000D compliant publications.  For current clients and future opportunities, the Inmedius S1000D Suite will allow IMP Aerospace to expedite the production and development of our technical publications and deliver a final product to our customers much faster."

The Aerospace Division provides full life-cycle support services including engineering and maintenance support to the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) as well as International clients on Sikorsky CH-124 (H-3/S-61) Sea King, Lockheed Martin CP-140 (P-3) Aurora (Orion), and Augusta Westland CH-149 (EH101) Cormorant military aircraft platforms.

"As the global leader in providing S1000D products and services, IMP Aerospace represents one of several new large client adoptions that Inmedius will announce over the next several months," stated Gary L. Schaffer, President and CEO, Inmedius. "We are honored to add IMP Aerospace to our roster of world-class customers utilizing the S1000D Publishing Suite."  

The Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite powerful, yet easy to use software modules work together, integrating authoring through publishing. Together, these innovative, performance-oriented applications cultivate, organize and disseminate data and technical information assets. Visit www.inmediusS1000D.com to access demonstrations, Webinars, white papers, detailed product information, and to request the S1000D Getting Started Kit.

About IMP Group Focused on global, sustainable growth, IMP Group has 3,500 experienced people delivering service, quality and value to customers in aerospace, aviation, airline, healthcare, industrial marine, information technology, hospitality and property development. IMP Aerospace maintains presence at a number of sites across Canada, providing engineering, aircraft maintenance and supplemental services to military aircraft, and avionics production, including the manufacture and assembly of components for many major aircraft manufacturers. http://www.impgroup.com

About Inmedius  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with offices throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom and India, Inmedius is a global leader in delivering innovative, performance-oriented applications and services that capture, create, manage and deploy information and learning assets. Our customers, and their clients, are enabled to share an unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency. In addition to program services, Inmedius provides Content Management, S1000D, ATA, DITA, and learning management lifecycle solutions for publishing, aerospace, defense, government my photo and wallpaper , manufacturing, 1086274749  and health care organizations, worldwide. http://www.inmedius.com

Inmedius is a registered trademark, and the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite is a trademark of Inmedius, Inc.   S1000D is a specification of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe. All other companies' names, products, trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective holders. Companies mentioned do not imply endorsement.

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