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NeoMetrix Enhances 3D Scanning Capability by Combining Different Technologies

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 28, 2011 – NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc., a proven provider of 3D printing & 3D scanning products and services have developed some new techniques to take advantage of different technologies available from different manufacturers. 3D laser scanning is a great method for capturing large quantities of data very quickly and accurately.  However, very accurate systems, like the Konica-Minolta Range 7, scan a relatively small area in one pass.

The C-Track optical tracking system from Creaform can be used for a variety of appl oled technology on mobile phone ications, including capturing a large set of retro-reflective targets.  These targets can then be my photo and wallpaper recognized by the Range 7 scanner, allowing for the automatic alignment of the smaller, high accuracy data sets to the global coordinate system established by the C-Track.

This combination of different technologies takes advantage of the high-accuracy of the Range 7 and the large area mapping by the C-Track producing a large area scan 1086274749  with high detail and accuracy.

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