Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

The big touch screen phone--Dual Cards Dual Standby F2

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 19, 2011 - F2 Quad Band Dual Cards Dual Standby Single Camera WIFI Color TV Bluetooth Java 7-inch Resistive Touch Screen Phone F2 China Mobile Phone Description: Supports GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz.WiFi available to connect to high speed network service with Dual Sim Technology. Java means this China mobile phone will be compatible with those java-based applications. Mobile color TV can be enjoyed in your spare time.Single camera for high quality videos and pictures. There are also MP3 / MP4, E-book, FM radio, email, opera and Games etc. available in this F2 China phone. Wide touch screen of 7 inches to give great view during operation. Bluetooth available to allow hand free during driving which make it a breeze to use this China phone, and it supports the master SIM card calls only.


   +  Dual cards dual standby.    +  Single camera.    +  7 inches resistive touch screen.    +  MP3 / MP4 player.    +  Analog color TV.    +  FM radio, E-book, email, opera.    +  Bluet oled technology on mobile phone ooth, WIFI, Java.    +  Unlocked for worldwide use. For more information, please visit or contact: http://yeedong.com/buy-wholesale-Phone-F2+pid_8730+SC10O ... Ms. Anny Tel:     my photo and wallpaper +86-0755-83268625 Email:   annyli@Yeedong.com Coupon code: SC10OFF17 Use this coupon code: SC10OFF17 to get up to 10% off discount when you place an order! SOURCE Yeeodng.com

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