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The Easy Way to Find a Mentor for ISO 9001

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 27, 2011 - Those running 9001 quality management systems can often feel isolated at work having to run the system on their own.  Invariably they have to carry the system; deal with conflicts from their main job; operate under a lack of recognition whilst realising that what they have learnt soon becomes a distant memory.

This became really apparent to Pete Thornton Smith, Quality Management Specialist and Senior Partner of the BPAS Group, when he was recently approached by a couple of Quality Representatives and asked for some personal tuition into the various skills needed to run a system.

Therefore, as he explains below, he has decided to make himself available for occasional appointments to mentor such individuals and will cover any aspect of the standard, the people skills and software skills needed to make that system of theirs fly.

Sessions are limited to 1 – 2 hours and take place either at his office in Moorgate, Rotherham or over the web via his GoToMeeting account.  Either way the mentee has his undivided attention to get to the bottom of issues and comes away inspired with a plentiful supply of ideas and knowledge.  


&# 13 my photo and wallpaper ;Peter has lightened the load for those running quality systems in the past.  He is the author of the respected ISO 9001 Training Guides which were launched as a free subscription video service back in 2010.  Subscribers receive twelve issues each fortnight as they work their way through the standard.  A typical response is reflected in these comments from Nick Wright who works in the States:

"I would just like to start off by saying that I am thrilled to have your programme help me with my ISO journey that I have recently been put in charge of implementing at my company.  I am very new to all this and you are a saving grace to me.  I can't thank you enough for your valuable insight."

They can be accessed at http://www.thebpasgr oled technology on mobile phone oup.co.uk together with a blog that has been described as a 'Goldmine' at http://peterts.wordpress.com.  To arrange a session just call Peter on +44  (0)1709 739093 or email pete@thebpasgroup.co.uk to get that first date in your diary.

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