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Harland Simon to upgrade manroland Reelstands at Vancouver Sun

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 18, 2011 - The two main drives on each reelstand will be replaced by PowerFlex digital d.c. drive modules and an Allen-Bradley Logix Processor [with built in RSLogix 5000 diagnostic software]. The drives and PLC my photo and wallpaper will be located into an enclosure mounted on the side of the existing reelstand cabinets. This approach [a joint effort between Vancouver Sun and Harland Simon] not only streamlines the installation and commissioning phase, but allows Vancouver the ability to upgrade their remaining reelstands themselves.

The remaining reelstands can be upgraded by Vancouver's maintenance staff, working around their busy production schedule.  This creative approach allows for improved 'hands-on' training for Vancouver's maintenance staff and easy support by Harland Simon engineers; an innovation pioneered by Harland Simon for cost savings passed onto the customer.  Once again putting control back into the hands of newspapers…where it belongs.

Furthermore, all diagnostic software will be available at the Harland Simon supplied maintenance PC and via a color touch screen HMI [Human Machine Interface], thus streamlining fault finding procedures and allowing for remote diagnostic and support via a VPN line.

Key points are: -   Drives replaced -   Main Reelstand controller replaced by Allen-Bradley Logix Processor -   Diameter controller removed [logic included within PLC] -   All new communications is Ethernet -   Existing comms to press is retained -   Enclosed mountable box

Ron Ludwig, Vancouver's Electrical Engineer Manager commented, "We are excited to be able to upgrade four of our obsolete, 'black-box' reelstand core drives (two reelstands) with the assistance of Harland Simon. Harland Simon has provided us with a project that will leave us with equipment and software that is standard to North America and should prove to be easier to troubleshoot. In addition once the first set of reelstands have been upgraded, if we desire we should be in a position to upgrade other reelstands on an as-need basis on our own or with minimal assistance from Harland Simon. This project should allow for us to minimize our costs related to the obsolete core dri oled technology on mobile phone ves. Harland Simon has been very 'sensitive' to our needs and desires."

The solution will be delivered and installed around existing production without any disruption to the Vancouver's operations and is based on techniques that have been successfully developed for the replacement of many systems originally supplied by Goss, Rockwell Automation, manroland and Honeywell over the past 15 years.

John Staiano, Senior Vice President for Harland Simon, further commented, "In today's current climate, both vendor and customer need to work closer together to achieve their mutual goals, this is what Harland Simon and Vancouver have achieved…being able to offer a true 'off-the-shelf' solution not only gives Vancouver the peace of mind for on-going support, but this 'open system' approach allows Vancouver to undertake as many [or as few] further upgrades on their reelstands, with the minimum of external assistance."

The project is due to be completed by the end of 2011.

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