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Intellinet Network Solutions Introduces New 3-Port, 200 Mbps Powerline AV Home Networking Adapter

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 26, 2011 - Tampa, FL – Intellinet Network Solutions  - http://www.intellinet-network.com -  has expanded its line of Ethernet-over- oled technology on mobile phone Powerline (shortened as EoP or "Powerline") networking products with the introduction of the AV200 3-Port Powerline Ethernet Adapter. The AV200 3-Port Adapter works with other Powerline AV-standard (IEEE 1901) products to create a broadband multimedia network by simply plugging into a home or office's AC electrical lines. Three 10/100 Ethernet ports allow the user to connect multiple devices to his/her network from one location.

The new AV200 3-Port Ethernet Adapter acts as a mini-LAN switch, allowing users to connect multiple Web-enabled entertainment devices (TV, BluRay player, gaming system, DVR) or office hardware (PC, network printer, VoIP phone, network storage device, IP camera) to an established Powerline network. When used with Intellinet AV200 or AV500 adapters, the 3-Port Adapter provides high-quality, multi-stream connectivity at speeds of up to 200 M my photo and wallpaper bps.

The main advantages of using a Powerline network for home or small office networking are simplicity and reliability. Because a Powerline network uses a home's existing electrical wiring to transfer data, there is no need to drill holes or run Cat5 cable through the walls. Similarly, because Powerline is a "hard" connection, it is easier for an entry-level user to setup than a wireless network and more reliable since there are no blind spots or signal interference.

To ensure the integrity of your Powerline network, the AV200 Multi-Port Adapter supports 128-bit AES link encryption with a user-friendly key management system. This keeps your Powerline network secure and prevents intrusion even in an apartment building, condo complex or dorm. Also, should the user wish to also employ wireless networking for laptops, tablets and smartphones, or to supply local WiFi service to clients and co-workers, one Ethernet port on the AV200 Multi-Port Adapter can easily be connected to a wireless router or access point.

For more information about Intellinet Network Solutions and the new Intellinet Network Solutions AV200 3-Port Powerline Ethernet Adapter, please visit http://www.intellinet-network.com.

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