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University of Kansas to Offer Online Root Cause Failure Analysis Training

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 16, 2011 - Manufacturing Training (www.ManufacturingTraining.com) and the University of Kansas announced today that they are presenting are starting a 6-week online Root Cause Failure Analysis training program.   Manufacturing Training's Joseph Berk, author of Systems Failure Analysis (ASM International, 2010), will present the training, which starts on 14 September 2011.

"Our approach focuses on finding the root causes of failures in complex systems," said Berk. "Our training is unique in that while we include component and material failure assessment topics, our primary focus is on finding root failure causes in complex mechanical, electronic, and other systems.   In this situation, we first have to identify which components to assess, and that's what makes this t oled technology on mobile phone raining different than other approaches. It's been used with great success in complex military systems, aircraft, biomedical devices, computer equipment, power generation equipment, process-oriented industries, and other high technology systems both here and in other countries. The approach focuses not only on finding the specific failure cause, but also on identifying all potential causes.  We rely heavily on fault tree analysis, and we emphasize a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach for unearthing all potential causes," Berk continued.  "This allows an organization to not only correct a failure mode that induced a specific failure, but to also objectively evaluate and, where necessary, implement other corrective actions to proactively pr my photo and wallpaper eclude additional failures.  We focus on identifying all potential causes, objectively evaluating each, and then selecting and implementing cost-effective corrective actions.  This usually involves more than one department, so maintaining a multidisciplinary approach is critical to improving quality.  Our approach is an integral part of any Lean Manufacturing approach."

Berk is the author of nine books on the assurance technologies and related subjects. He is a widely-respected consultant and expert witness who teaches at the University of Kansas, the California State Polytechnic University, and in client organizations.

The Root Cause Failure Analysis course is part of the thee-course Manufacturing Optimization Online Certificate Program offered by the University of Kansas.   This module focuses on root cause failure analysis.   The training features practical, experience-based, and proven approaches for rapidly optimizing manufacturing processes. The program includes basic concepts, improvement opportunity identification techniques, implementation strategies, risk identification and avoidance methodologies, and extensive use of practical examples.  

The University of Kansas program relies on three texts and numerous proven techniques developed by Berk.  Berk has 30 years of experience helping organizations improve their engineering, manufacturing, and process capabilities, with a special emphasis on identifying and eliminating the causes of delinquent deliveries, product failures, excessive cost, and inefficient practices.

"We ordinarily present these training programs in-house to our client companies," Berk said, "and we are frequently asked if we offer seminars to the public. Through this program, we can do so. The University of Kansas Manufacturing Optimization Online Certificate Program allows individuals to master proven quality management, failure analysis, and cost reduction techniques through a state-of-the-art training delivery approach."

Interested parties can learn more about and register for the Manufacturing Optimization Online Certificate Program at http://www.continuinged.ku.edu/programs/moi/.

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