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CANARD SXT The Sports Car that Fly's.

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 20, 2011 - "FIRST GENERATION"                                                "CANARD SXT" The Sports Car that Fly's...                               EV, all electric in Drive mode and Twin Jet Engines in Flight mode...                                                         Top speed in fl my photo and wallpaper ight is 300 MPH...                                                           Price starting at $280,000.00                                                                       Patent Pending                                                      

A two place Sports Car that fly's. oled technology on mobile phone Price starts at $280,000.00, with a 100,000.00 deposit. This is the first of its kind and is street legal with a 102" or 8' foot 5" inch wing span.  It's Drive or Fly; one lever in the cockpit… drive mode or fly mode.  You don't have to stop and change anything; go freeway to the sky… as you wish.  Be the first to own one of these beautiful flying machines. You can fly or go street cruising.  Fire up the jet engines and impress your friends with the awesome sound of the engines.  

This Sports Car has a two wing option. These are quick change wings. We have a high-speed wing for racing and cross country flying and a slow speed wing for learning to fly and just having fun. The wings are very light; two people will be able to change wings in about ten minutes. You will also be able to drive around town without the wing on if you don't plan on flying. This is the most "FUN SPORTS CAR" that you will ever own!

Call Capt. Gary L. Pylant ... 602-315-9521 ...

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