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First Flagler County Teens-In-Flight Student Earns Private Pilots License

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 20, 2011 - Contact: Col. Jack Howell                  386-569-5685 ___________________________________________________ ____________________

First Flagler County Teens-in-Flight Student Earns Private Pilot License

Palm Coast, FL – Teens-In-Flight is proud to announce Juan Rodriguez as their first student from Flagler County to earn his private pilot's license.

Juan Rodriguez first came to Teens-In-Flight in January, 2009 as a junior at Flagler Palm Coast High School. He was a member of the Junior Air Force ROTC. Today, he is an Embry Riddle Aeronautical University college student with his private pilot's license. The accomplishment has an $11,000 price tag. Juan didn't pay a dime, thanks to Teens-In-Flight.

"Juan was highly motivated to learn to fly," says Col. Jack D. Howell USMC (Ret), direct of the school. "He lived and breathed aviation," Col. Howell added. Juan's leadership stood out as the cadet commanding officer in his senior year. He was also very helpful in the Teens-In-Flight classroom with other students. For example, Col. Howell assigned two autistic students to Juan to assist when they needed help.

Juan excelled in the program's FAA ground school class his senior year. In July, 2010 he had his first solo ride. After the ride, Col. Howell cut the back of Juan's shirt, a tradition in the flight community.

Juan completed all the necessary paperwork and classes and was ready to take his 'checkride' when he got caught in a snag. On his first set of FAA paperwork, Juan spelled out his middle name, however, on the second form, he only put his middle initial. With all paperwork required to be the same, they flagged him and he was then caught in a 'paper war' as Col. Howell describes. During the same time, under Col. Howell's tutoring, Juan was accepted into Embry Riddle, along with another Teens-In-Flight student, Gloria king. The paperwork was taken care of, and they both started in fall of 2010.

The test consists of a written exam and a flight exam. Col. Howell started preparing Juan in the spring to take the flight portion of exam. Juan would need his checkride, administered by a pilot examiner (the examiner gave Juan's test pro bono), to show that you indeed know how to fly a plane. The same day, the same examiner wo oled technology on mobile phone uld administer a rigorous two-hour verbal exam. Juan would have to plan a cross-country flight, as well as take the flight. He passed both portions with 'flying colors'.

Juan Rodriguez and Gloria King have another accomplishment to be proud of. When they were seniors at Flagler Palm Coast High School, they were awarded Congressional Nominations from U.S. Congressman John Mica. "I see a bright future for both these young leaders," said Col Howell. "Teens-In-Flight is fortunate to be able to guide these students toward their goa my photo and wallpaper ls and help them to become contributing members of society," he added.

Teens-In-Flight is a 501(C) 3 foundation formed to support the families of our military. Through the modem of aerospace education we open the doors of opportunity.  Teens-In-Flight provides flight training and aviation maintenance scholarships to those teens that have lost a parent in the Global War On Terrorism or, is the teen of a parent who was wounded in action and is disabled. Another phase of the program also focuses on selected teens that are considered "at risk" within our community by providing a positive aviation intervention experience. For more information, contact 386-569-5685. Their office is located at Hangar B, Flagler County Airport in Palm Coast, Florida. Visit them on the web at www.teens-in-flight.com, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/teensinflight.

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