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Advanced Digital Logic (ADL) Releases ADLLAN - PC/104-Plus Ethernet LAN

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 11, 2011 - SAN DIEGO, CA,  August 11, 2011 – Advanced Digital Logic (ADL), a provider of highly reliable, embedded single-board computers (SBC), systems and peripherals for use under harsh environmental conditions, today has announced the release of its ADLLAN PC/104-Plus Ethernet LAN. This PC/104-Plus expansion board is available with either a single 1GB LAN Port or dual 1GB LAN Port. The Intel 82541ER Gigabit Ethernet Controller provides optimized Gigabit networking for PCI designs. This highly efficient controller, with enhanced power management, consumes less than 1.0W of power at Gigabit speeds. When no signal is detected on the wire, the controller reduces power consumption by switching to 100 to 10Mbps and powering down the physical-layer circuitry (PHY). Jumbo framing up to 16KB is supported for networks supporting jumbo frames. The Intel 82541ER combines Intel's fifth-generation Gigabit MAC design with fully integrated state-of-the-art PHY technology, which meets or exceeds IEEE 802.3ab specifications for Bit Error Rate performance.

"The PC/104-Plus ADLLAN, single or dual port, is a perfect addition to our line of rugged, embedded PC/104 SBCs.  The 82541ER LAN controller has a state of the art DSP and analog architecture that provides robust 1000Mbps performance even in noisy industrial environments," said JC Ramirez, Product Manager, Advanced Digital Logic.

For additional information about the new ADLLAN, please visit .... For system pricing and availability, contact ADL at 858.490.0597 or email

About Advanced Digital Logic, Inc. Founded in 1994, Advanced Digital Logic Inc. (ADL) is a provider of industrial embedded single board computers, systems, peripherals, and accessories for embedded and stand alone applications with a special focus on solutions for applications in harsh environments oled technology on mobile phone . The diverse portfolio of products encompasses PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PC/104-Express, PCI/104-Express and 3.5" boards, as well custom formats and box PCs. ADL products are developed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 using state-of-the-art equipment and then are tested during production at the factory. In addition, all computer boards and systems receive a final test at the respective ADL facility before shipping to customers. ADL's services include the design of standard-based and custom boards, standard and custom thermal solutions for cooling ADL products, including extended my photo and wallpaper temperature screening, integration services, custom system solutions and testing, including burn-in tests of overall systems.

The company serves customers in a variety of markets, including Medical, Transportation, Defense, Aerospace, Communication, Security, Process Control, and Science. For more information about ADL, visit its website at or

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