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Calling All Pet Lovers - Dog and Cat Accessories for the Nintendo 3DS

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 15, 2011 - CTA Digital ( now offers new cat and dog themed accessory packs for the Nintendo 3DS. Bundled kits come with numerous useful peripherals sporting adorable designs that allow gamers to proudly display their favorite pet. Compatible with multiple Nintendo handheld consoles, these accessories can be used with Nintendogs + Cats as well as other Nintendo titl oled technology on mobile phone es.

The 10-in-1 Puppy Play Pack and the 11-in-1 Kitty Cat Play Pack supplement a 3DS with everything a gamer might need. Both packs include a themed plastic game case, screen protection and wipe, puppy or kitty sticker, puppy or kitty stuffed toy, carry strap and a retractable stylus with a cat or dog head charm on a stretchy cord. The Puppy Pack includes an EVA carrying case, while the Kitty pack includes a Metal case, key ring and tote bag.

The cases included with these kits give essential protection to the Nintendo 3DS from dirt and bumps when traveling. The screen protector kits included has a smoothing card for easy bubble-free application. The game / SD card cases are snap-shut clam-shells of colored translucent plastic, holding six games and three SD cards. The puppy or kitten head charm can act as a bangle or as a stylus topper. The attached stretchy cord fastens to a case zipper or the game system to make sure it won't get lost.

CTA has also created a separate Dogs and Cats Universal Retractable Stylus Pack so gamers can get puppy and kitten styluses without the extra gear. The color coordinated styluses can be topped with either a cat or dog head, and two of each are included. The Stylus Pack comes with two retractable styluses and also includes stretchy cords to keep styluses attached and safe.

All three kits can be used with the Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DS XL. They are available at Amazon and other retailers.< my photo and wallpaper /p>
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