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A Few of the Remarkable Products by Electrolux

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 06, 2011 - The world famous Electrolux Company that produces appliances for household purposes, has its aim of manufacturing appliances by recycling materials to result in a greener environment. In 1919, the first product sold by the Electrolux Company was their Lux vacuum cleaner, which earned many revi oled technology on mobile phone ews soon after being sold. The Lux vacuum cleaner gained so much attention as it was light and compatible. The best thing about it was that there was no need to throw the bags every time. In fact, the bag was washable.

In 1925, the company introduced its very first refrigerato my photo and wallpaper r, which was an absorption refrigerator, unlike the normal compressor ones. It used the heat produced from burning liquefied petroleum gas to run the cooking system. Such types of refrigerators are used where there is no electric supply, probably in vehicles.

The decade of 1950s was marked by two introductions by the Electrolux Company. The first one was their washing machine, used in homes. This was their first model introduced. Later on, in the same decade, their dish washer was also introduced, nicknamed as 'round jar' because of its shape. It was an automatic one without any need of manual involvement. The dish washer sprayed hot water mixed with detergents on the dishes to clean them.

One of the remarkable introductions by the company was their robot vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Trilobite which was introduced in 2011. You can know more about latest vacuum cleaners at http://www.electrolux.com.au/Products/Cleaning/. The appliance is known to clean the rooms, all on its own. With vacuum pump along with a roller brush, it is able to clean carpets from deep inside. With the use of its sensors that work on the infrared technology the robot vacuum cleaner is able to sense any obstacles on the way, and thus avoids them. The company is expected to come up with new and more advanced products that would leave their customers surprised. To know more about the products of Electrolux, visit http://www.electrolux.com.au/.

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