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Flamemaster's New Qualification For Dichromate Cured Integral Fuel Tank Sealant (ams-s-8802 Type 1)

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 05, 2011 - Pacoima, California, August 3, 2011 – Flamemaster Corporation received a new qualification for CS 3205 B-2 - AMS-S-8802 TYPE 1 Integral fuel tank sealant.  Flamemaster's CS 3205 and PPG's PR 1422™ are the only products qualified to the AMS-S-8802 Type 1 specification.  CS 3205 is a two-part dichromate cured polysulfide base compound for use on integral fuel tank sealants and pressurized cabins as well as other areas subject to contact with aircraft fuels lubricants, oils, water and/or weathering. Type-1 AMS-S-8802 material will readily cure in the absence of humidity and therefore ideal for application in dry or desert climates.

CS 3205 B-2 is available for immediate delivery in either bulk or individual shipping units.  The remaining application times will be qualified very soon.  Please call 818-890-1401 for price and delivery or see our web site at

Flamemaster is a Southern California based specialty chemicals manufacturer of high performance sealants, adhesives and coatings, servicing the Aerospace, Defense, Energy and Transportation Industries.

The release herein may contain or identify forward-looking statements.  These s my photo and wallpaper tatements are based on a number of assumptions and estimates, which oled technology on mobile phone are inherently subject to uncertainty and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of the Company and reflect future business decisions, which are subject to change.

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