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Internet Radio Comes to the Living Room

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 03, 2011 - There's been a lot of buzz regarding internet radio (IR) recently, owing to the European service Spotify coming to the U.S.  IR has actually been around for many years.  At first it followed the model of broadcast radio.  Listeners would log in to a specif oled technology on mobile phone ic website to receive their program stream.  This was often the same as the stations over-the-air broadcast.  

More recently, IR services allow people to choose their own music.  One of these is Spotify, which supports creating individual play lists from millions of tracks, and sharing those lists with others.  Pandora, another service, goes further by creating custom "radio stations" based on music the listener has already my photo and wallpaper selected.  Other popular services include Napster, Rhapsody, and SiriusXM.  Most of these services have a free version with advertisements and a paid version without ads.

Internet radio has mostly been delivered to desktop and laptop PCs, and more recently via cell phones.  But another innovation hasn't received much fanfare.  Affordable home theater receivers now incorporate a network interface, allowing them to directly receive IR without dedicating a PC.  They deliver dramatically improved audio quality and volume

There are numerous brands and seemingly countless models with ethernet interfaces to choose from.  At present, Home Theater Audio is focusing on Onkyo A/V receivers.  Not surprisingly you can spend $1000 or more for high-end  models.  But many people are surprised to learn that some network-ready models list for as low as $300.

"The Onkyo TX-NR609 just might this year's best value" explains HTA blogger JD Roberts.  Often available at significant discounts this model has a reputation for excellent sound and video quality as well as an abundance of features.  The Onkyo 609 combines an on-screen video interface with it's hand-held remote, enabling owners to select and even interact with on-line radio services.  It has built-in compatibility with the above services, as well as MediaFly and vTuner.

New technologies are providing innovative capabilities.  The NR609 did not originally ship with Spotify-compatible firmware.  But Onkyo delivers upgrades over the internet, keeping each purchase up to date.  If it's undesirable to run a network cable to the home theater, a USB accessory can receive internet radio wirelessly.  Finally, the 609 is normally configured as a 7.2 channel surround-sound system.  But the consumer is also able to use 2 of those channels for a separate program in a separate room.  So this year's model can deliver great audio for a movie in one room while delivering internet radio to another.

For more information on the Onkyo TX-NR609 and internet radio, visit http://home-theater-audio.net/onkyo-tx-nr609-review/onky ....

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