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Lanner Releases Cost-Effective SFF 3G Capable IPC

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 05, 2011 - (Taipei, Taiwan – August 5th, 2011) Today, Lanner Electronics Inc., released its second smallest IPC, the LEC-2055. The elegantly designed small form factor appliance is powered by the Intel ® Atom™ N270. It is considered a mobile platform by having a SIM card socket enabled mini-PCIe slot for 3G or GPS. Advantages of the system lie in the small size, thought-out design and expandable I/O. Along with other Lanner products, the LEC-2055 is diverse enough to cover a variety of uses, including but not limited to mobile computing, protocol translation, and digital signage.

"The LEC-2055 incorporates our best thought-out technology all in a tight little package," said Spencer Chou, product guru at Lanner. "Our customers are constantly seeking out the value-based SFF platforms to hide away out of sight; we designed the LEC-2055 for that very purpose. The best part about this unit is that it can come equipped with WiFi, 3G or GPS technology- allowing this IPC to receive wireless updates."

The LEC-2055 is made to be deployed in remote or hard-to-reach places. Again, the form factor is especially slim, having dimensions of 198x42x145mm (7.80"x1.65"x5.71") and can fit behind screens, underneath seats or mounted up high on a wall. It is compatible with DIN-Rail mounts, VESA mounts and wall mounts. To promote the ruggedness of the appliance the LEC-2055 has a wide temperature and voltage input range. It will operate without issues within a range of -10° and 55° Celsius. The LEC-2055 receives voltages between 12 and 36 Volts of direct current, allowing the unit to receive electricity from a variety of power sources.

Other features include a hinged bottom chassis and a secure power plug. my photo and wallpaper The bottom of the chassis is attached via a hinge, allowing field engineers to easily install and replace internal hardware. Once the 4 rubber feet of the unit are unscrewed, the bottom opens easily. The power plug is a terminal block design, which can be secured via screws to ensure the plug is never accidentally pulled out.

I/O ports are paramount in multi-purpose IPCs; the LEC-2055 features 3 DB9 COM ports, 2 USB, 2 LAN and a VGA video out.

For more information about the Lanner LEC-2055 please check out the datasheet here:

Or you can talk to a Lanner representative at ¬¬¬¬

About Lanner Lanner Electronics Inc (TAIEX 6245) is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms.  Founded in 1986, Lanner is an ISO 9001 accredited organization with headquarters in Taipei, oled technology on mobile phone Taiwan, and offices in USA, Canada and China. Lanner is an Associate Member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, a group of companies committed to developing modular, standards-based solutions based on technologies, processors, products, and services from Intel®.

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