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NEC 55" LED Touch Screen by Tech Global Inc.

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 03, 2011 - Tech Global's (TGTDST-X461S-3) & (TGTDST-X551S-3) NEC LED X-series touch screens are just 1.7" deep. The NEC X series is integrated with a seamless high performance 3M DST Touch system. A new class of public displays. The 46" NEC X461S and the 55" X551S are built to the highest standards and loaded with state-of-the-art innovation. LED edge lighting enables a mere 1.7" unit depth, creating installation opportunities in even the tightest of spaces. Equipped with a professional grade panel, these models deliver immaculate full HD image quality while operating 24/7. The X461S and X551S are also the first in NEC's lineup to support Intel's Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), the first industry-wide standardization in option slots, simplifying installation, use and maintenance of digital signage.

Tech Global Inc. has extensive experience in operations and manufacturing spanning LCD, LED, touch screen technologies, Modular Architecture, Electronics, Plastics, Metal and Glass. We provide high quality commercial interactive LCD & LED touch screen solutions. James Rocheford current President and CEO established Tech Global, Inc. in 2004. Since 2004, Tech Global has been a leader as an interactive touch screen solution company. Tech Global, Inc. integrates small & large format OEM monitors with touch screen technology. The large OEM's have integration oled technology on mobile phone partnerships with companies like Tech Global since they do not manufacturer their own touch screens. This partnership gives Tech Global a certified backed 3-year warranty on every OEM product we integrate touch solutions into.  Tech Global's products have undergone extensive electronic manufacturing testing and UL certification. NEC & 3M Certified Touch Screen Integrator!

Touch technology is ever present in our daily lives with mobile technology acting as the catalyst. This widely adopted interactive touch technology and user interface has a wide range of application in almost every vertical.

Touch Screen Performance • Fast accurate, repeatable touch • Excellent light transmission with 92% Optics • Chemically-Strengthened glass with anti-glare • Input flexibility from finger or stylus • Glass construction with 7-Hardness • Touch operation is unaffected by surface contaminants • Available for display sizes 46" & 55"

Features and Benefits Professional-grade LCD panel and components meet even the most formidable digital signage industry requirements • 1920 x 1080 FH my photo and wallpaper D native resolution in true 16:9 aspect ratio, maximum brightness of 600     cd/m2 and typical contrast ratio of up to 4000:1 • Lightweight, super-slim design makes installations easier • Built in, standardized expansion slot allows for seamless integration of NEC/third-party    components, simplifying installations • TileMatrix™ technology enables video walls (up to 100 displays in a 10x10 matrix) • DisplayPort connection adds to the already robust terminal panel • Integrated DVI-D Out connection allows for simple digital daisy chain • Simple Network Management Protocol standards are met for controlling the display  through LAN • Optional color calibration solution ensures color uniformity and fidelity across individual  and multiple screens, creating a perfectly matched image in tiled environments • Ethernet Control and Communication provides the highest level of remote display  management and includes such features as automatic email notification for diagnostic  purposes • Carbon footprint meter informs and motivates responsible use of the display by  calculating and tracking carbon savings • Rapid Response™ technology delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of  high-speed, full-motion video • Diverse input connectors allows for maximum compatibility and flexibility during product  implementation

To see more of our products visit http://www.techglobal.com Want a marketing slick of this great product? Contact jbyrd@techglobal.com

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