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NJMET Receives Citation From The American Red Cross for 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 10, 2011 - The American Red Cross presented NJMET Labs of NJ with a Certificate of Appreciation, according to Joseph Federico, company vice president.

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami early this year, NJMET's vice president Joseph Federico and customer relations manager Ruth Vitale initiated a fundraising bus trip to Atlantic City scheduled for October 8, oled technology on mobile phone 2011 as well as a collection among workers in the laboratory which is headquartered in NJ to aid The Red Cross in their campaign for charitable relief.

"As a result of our internal effort and the scheduled Atlantic City bus trip, the Red Cross presented NJMET Inc, of NJ with a Certificate of Appreciation for our support to the Japanese Relief and Development efforts.  We're encouraged by their recognition of our efforts.  We will continue to work hard to make the upcoming Atlantic City bus trip fundraiser as successful as possible," said company VP Joseph Federico.

Anyone interested in learning more about and signing up for the October 8th trip to Atlantic City can contact ei my photo and wallpaper ther Ruth Vitale or Joseph Federico at NJMET's Clifton, NJ office at (973) 546-5393 for more information.   Please check the NJMET website, http://www.njmetmtl.com  for more information about NJMET and its electronic component testing services.  More information about Joseph Federico's and NJMET's charitable works can be found at http://www.josephfedericonj.org.   More information about the Red Cross and its work in Japan is available at http://www.redcross.org .

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