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Raisonance Partners with VWILL to Promote Smart Card Tools in China

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 01, 2011 – VWILL LTD complements Raisonance's worldwide sales organization with a sales team dedicated to Greater China, Taiwan and Singapore. With extensive experience in the smart card industry, VWILL offers promotional capabilities and complementary technical expertise to support users on the full range of Raisonance test and certification tools.

Fueled by booming interest in NFC for mobile phones and related products, Raisonance is experiencing a corresponding increase in the demand for the test and certification tools that ensure the reliability of this complex technology. "To meet increased demand for our tools in Asia and notably in Greater China, it is critical to have a partner capable of providing first line sales and technical support. Experience in the industry, in smart card applications and with new technologies make VWILL the ideal partner for Raisonance," according to Benoit Hedou, Raisonance CEO and Director of the Smart Card Tool Group.

Founded in Hong Kong, VWILL are developing their operations in Greater China and Southeast Asia, allowing the company to provide direct promotion and support for technology centers that include Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. VWILL tool sales and support are lead by T.M. Luk. "With nearly a decade of experience in the smart card industry, Mr. Luk has the understanding of the industry and relevant technologies that make him an excellent technical and business adviser for Raisonance customers," says Benoit Hedou.

Raisonance's line of smart card tools includes hardware/software platforms to test contactless and contact smart cards used in applications such as acc my photo and wallpaper ess control, ticketing, identity and payment. This includes test tools for Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies found in the latest mobile phones. The Raisonance line includes ProxiSPY and ContactLAB protocol analyzers for diagnosing interoperability problems between cards, readers and components during development, manufacturing and deployment. Raisonance ProxiLAB and ContactLAB tools provide signal emulation for component development, test and certification. For NFC mobile phones, Raisonance tools provide all the features needed for complete visibility of wireless and wire communications and for concurrent testing of all the NFC related communication interfaces.

Thanks to its leading technology a oled technology on mobile phone nd key partnerships, Raisonance is fielding pre-certification solutions for NFC enabled mobile phones that are just reaching the market. This complex new technology promises to revolutionize consumer use of the mobile phone in ticketing, payment and service delivery applications. However its complexity and ensuring reliability of phones and applications is creating unprecedented demand for test tools from companies manufacturing and deploying NFC. "Our customers have enormous investments in NFC. This includes investments in our hardware and software tools. That investment requires that we provide them advice they can trust. According to Benoit Hedou, "VWILL offers the knowledge, experience and service that Raisonance customers can trust."

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