Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Real Time Cell Phone Tracking Now Possible for Anyone

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 02, 2011 - Cell Phone monitoring software Mobile Spy is now available with the LIVE Control Panel feature, making real time cell phone tracking of a loved one's or employee's company issued smartphone a reality for anyone, announced today by online mobile spy-tech resource MobileSpyGear.com. (http://www.mobilespygear.com)

"Mobile Spy's ability to track someone through their cell phone in real time takes cell phone monitoring to a new level," said a spokesperson for the site. "Once installed to the target phone, the program runs in complete stealth mode – not even the most tech-savvy person will know it's running on their phone. The program then proceeds to record and upload copies of all the phone's text messages, emails, caller ID signatures, and GPS locations to a secure online account for you to log in a view remotely from anywhere via the web. In previous vers oled technology on mobile phone ions of Mobile Spy, you had to wait for pre-determined in my photo and wallpaper tervals to receive data from the target phone, but with the new LIVE Control Panel feature all that information can be viewed in real time as it happens, making tracking all that more effective - especially when using GPS features."

In addition to Mobile Spy, the site also features a wide range of audio and video surveillance equipment and resources.

For more information about Mobile Spy, please visit MobileSpyGear.com on the web at: http://www.mobilespygear.com

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