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Record Cell Phone Conversations Fast and Easy with New Software

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 05, 2011 - Cell phone recording information website is now offering cell phone recording software from RecordiaPro. RecordiaPro allows for recording up to 600 minutes, a full 10 hours, of outg oled technology on mobile phone oing and incoming cell phone conversations in popular MP3 format. In addition to recording cell phone conversations, RecordiaPro stores Caller ID and offers instant activation so you can start recording now.

"RecordiaPro allows you to save your favorite voice m my photo and wallpaper ail's to your computer so you can have them forever," stated Steven from, "The more popular feature of RecordiaPro is that it enables you to record your conversations so that they can be used for evidence in court cases."

In the past you would have to use an external device for recording conversations, this is no longer the case. RecordiaPro is a software application you install on your smart phone with no additional wires to fumble with.

For more information of RecordiaPro visit

About Record Cell Phones Record Cell Phones ( was established by cell phone users who know the advantages of being able to record your cell phone conversations.

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