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Samsung Electronics Holds a Floor Salesmen Training for the first Half of 2011

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 09, 2011 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, in cooperation with Yassin Group Electronics, Samsung's electric and electronics appliances distributor in Jordan, held a training workshop in the Sheraton Amman Hotel for 120 of Samsung's distributors.

The workshop showcased the latest Samsung products; electrical and electronic appliances in addition to a demonstration on the Eco bubble washing machine. The workshop included a training for the staff for year 2011 products unique points of sales and for the new Eco Bubble washing machine, in addition to microwave oven, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators; AW3, Massimo, Polaris, which was conducted by each of Mr. Hussam Abu Rassa'a Mr. Hussam Daqaq.

"The true value of trained sales representatives is the basic point for sales team for each new product, which qualifies the team to provide better my photo and wallpaper service to Samsung customers by helping them pick the product that best suits their needs", said Sangsuk Roh, President of Samsung Electronics Levant.

Samsung recently launched three new models of refrigerators. The AW3 model features modern French four-door design, has plenty of internal space, and the mobile shelf system allows the user to control the internal division of the refrigerator as needed, and will launch Polaris the largest refrigerator in the world with a size of 30 cubic feet and the Massimo which has a 26 cubic feet capacity and is uniquely wonderful with its combination of sleek black design, energy saving, and noise reduction feature by the inverter compressor.

The training workshop was followed by a Q&A session and a number of Samsung devi oled technology on mobile phone ces were distributed to winners from the audience, and these awards included four DVD devices, two microwaves and vacuum cleaners as well as USB memory to all attendees.

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