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Seniors and Caregivers Connect Through Long Range Two-Way Emergency Pendant

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 14, 2011 - Seniors and Caregivers Connect Through Long Range oled technology on mobile phone Two-Way Emergency Pendant.

Seniors my photo and wallpaper Can Instantly Contact Their Caregiver, Family, Friends or 911 Right Through Their Long Range Wireless Panic Button Pendant - No Monthly Charges Ever !

No more high monthly monitoring fees - save hundreds of dollars every single year compared to paying a monitoring company for something you don't need each month.

- - -

Whether you need a medical alert for Mom - Dad - Grandma - Grandpa - or another Loved One - this brand new high-quality unit is the best in the industry.

Get help when you need it.  


NOW you can even answer incoming calls with the wireless 2-way pendant !

A Panic Button that you can Talk Through? Is it possible? Yes. We have provided thousands to seniors all across the country. This system has the longest range in the industry and with No Monthly Monitoring Charges. What else could you want?


* No Monthly Fee * Programmable and auto-dials up to 4#'s + 911 (if you choose) * TALK & LISTEN right thru the pendant - Patented Technology * Water Resistant - XP5 Rating - Shower Ready * 600 foot range - 2 Football Fields - Anywhere IN or AROUND home

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION or CALL Toll Free 866-927-3577 or 615-562-0043


There Is Now An Emergency Panic Button with Full Two-Way Voice Communication. Yes! You Can Talk Through It!

Wear it at the mailbox - front yard - backyard - garage - ANYWHERE "In" or "around" home.


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