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Superpad 3 III Sold as Flytouch 3 exposed by SZ Police as Clones

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 09, 2011 - I just read in the South China Daily Post that the police raided several one-room sweat shop factories in Shen Zhen in preparations for the Universidade (University Olympics).

The police were tipped by a main manufacturer of the tablets who traced the sub-par units back from the Hua Qiang Bei seller booths and stores to the the sweat shops.

One of the tablets being cloned / knocked off was the iBex Flytouch 3.

The Shenzhen Newspaper that highlighted the Cloning of tablets in China. The Superpad 3 / Superpad III was one of the examples that people on B2C forums had the most returns on due to being "not as described." Many foriegners have filed complaints at the China Consumer complaints line.

In previous months there were only 4-5 factories. This article highlighted how the local Shenzhen police busted around 20 slave labor sweat shops. The so-called manufacturer factories, were one room appartments hiring 10-20 15 year old girls.

The unruly factory "bosses" go to the components market and buy fake components, screens, and mainboards. They then have these young girls assemble the units and then they pack them in Superpad 3 boxes, etc...

Moral of the story is do not support Cloners. It means you are supporting forced child slave labor and cloning of other people's products. In addition, these sellers are scamming buyers by selling them fake tablets. If sellers said if adverts "Sup my photo and wallpaper erpad 3" then this would not be an issue of clones, but since they are passing sub-par tablet off as Flytouch3, then it runs in the realm of selling clones.

From my reading of various Android Forums there are several things to look for to ensure you are buying an original authentic tablet that is "as described."

1) It has the Sawee10 Firmware - this has been a very buggy firmware and it not upgradeable. 2) has a Smaller than 6400mah battery - Original iBex Flytouch3's have 8000mah batteries for battery life of 5-7 hours depending on usage. 3) 1#'s & 2# and it comes in a SuperPai III box.

I recommend you ask the seller to show you picture of the packaging and ask "What is the battery capacity of your Flytouch 3?" Do not ask, "Does it have a 8000mah battery" as they will invariably say "Yes," just go get a sale. 95% if it does not describe capacity in the specifications, it is because they are trying to hide something.

If you have discovered you eceived a non-official / clone Flytouch3 and it worked without rooting or tearing it apart, consider yourself VERY lucky and be happy with it.  If not, you probably google'd "Superpad III" as this was what was on the box. Before you try upgrading firmware, confirm that it is not Sawee10, or P041 as if you flash the wrong ROM you may oled technology on mobile phone "brick" your tablet.

Here are Authorized resellers That sell Real Flytouch 3: ...

All sell real Ft3's will 8000mah batteries, Dicsco10 Firmware, and have correct Flytouch3 Packaging.

Good Luck if you are a potential buyer or if you are troubleshooting a tablet you may have!

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