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Model 5532 and Model 5535 Secure Keylock Switch & Display Unit for Conference Rooms

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 01, 2011 – Ideal for secure conference room communication applications

The Model 5535 RJ45 Switch allows a device connected to the ROOM port to access devices connected to the SVCN, XNET, and GPCN ports.  Users can link this model to the Model 5532 OFF/SVCN/XNET/GPCN Display Indicator unit for a robust conference communications switching system.  The dimensions of the unit are 1.75"H x 8"D x 19"W and the unit mounts in a standard 19" equipment rack.


- Unit permits signals to pass uninterrupted (SVCN, XNET, and GPCN positions) or isolates in/out copper (OFFLINE position). - Unit switched via front panel keylock actuator. - The switch ports are transparent to all data.  All (8) pins of the RJ45 interface are switched. - oled technology on mobile phone Certified for Cat 5e compliance. - The front panel indicator LED's on the Model 5535 will display the position status of the unit when linked to a powered Model 5532 unit. - The position of the Model 5535 will follow the keylock actuator position at all times. - The key can only be removed from the keylock actuator in the OFFLINE position. - Status port for linking switch system unit to the Model 5532 OFF/SVCN/XNET/GPCN Display Indicator unit. - No power is required to operate unit.  

Specifications:Port Connectors: (4) RJ45 female connectors labeled GPCN, XNET, SVCN, and ROOM. Front Panel Controls: (1) Four-position keylock actuator. Display: (4) Front panel LED's display switch position and power status. Status Ports: (2) DB9 (F) ports allow linking the Model 5535 switch to a remote large character alpha display unit, Model 5532.  Custom port contact closures indicate switch position: OFF, S my photo and wallpaper VCN, XNET, and GPCN. Power: No power required to operate the 4-position switch.  Power for LED's provided from connection to the Model 5532 Display Unit. Dimensions: 19" W x 1.75" H x 8.0" D (48.3 x 4.4 x 20.3 cm)   Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 Kg)  

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