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United Yousef M. Naghi Co. and Coway launch premium bidet product line in Saudi Arabia

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 01, 2011 – New Premium Bidet by Coway to Revolutionize Bathroom Culture Coway's bidets with high-tech features and multiple health benefits make it the next best purchase for the bathroom.

Jeddah, July 26, 2011 – After years of research and development, United Yousef M. Naghi Co. & Coway is revolutionizing bathroom culture by launching their Premium Bidet product line in Saudi Arabia., the Coway's bidet, model BA13 & BA08 which has been ideally designed with elite customers in mind, and is intended to change the way you think of bidets. Now, along with the steam shower, multi-jet whirlpool, and separate wet room, Saudi customers will consider the bidet as a must have item to upgrade the bathroom.

Mr. Jeong Ho Ryu, Managing Director of UYMNCO said that the concept of installing a bidet in the bathroom is becoming popular in many parts of the world as many people have experienced the first-hand health benefits of using a bidet. For people with gastro-intestinal and rectal diseases, the use of a bidet is found to prevent symptoms as well as fasten the healing process.

Additionally, the bidet is found to be useful for expectant moms, potty training children, and seniors by providing complete hygiene and sanitation. Coway's bidet is safe for everyone in the house as it is equipped with self-sterilizing twin spray wands, that instantly remove 99.9% of bacteria after use, and it only uses purified/filtered water. Hands free operation via remote control also promotes cleanliness. Supplying consistent warm water at set temperature to prevent burns, triple short circuit cut-off and a gentle lid opening and closing system, Coway's bidet is a great addition to any home.

Mr. Ryu added, The BA13 & BA08 are customized for Saudi homes to fit any toilet type and size offers all the high-tech elements that complete the modern bathroom. They are equipped with self-sterilizing stainless steel twin spray wands that ensures maximum sanitation and safety for multiple users. Plus by using the carbon filter and automatic deodorization system made by Coway – the world's No,1 filtration system manufacturer –odors are immediately dispelled after each use.

The BA13 & BA08 are the latest additio my photo and wallpaper n to the Coway's premium product line and is the most eco-friendly products. Their minimalist design provides luxury and simplicity, yet is offered at an affordable price inviting everyone to experience Coway's bidet.

Both models are incredibly easy to install thanks to its DIY step-by-step installation guide included with the each product. By following the simple steps, within 10-15 minutes, and through UYM Naghi Co. a free installation will be offered to our Saudi customers with 1 year full warranty to enable everyone enjoying the convenience and hygienic benefits of a new Coway bidet.

Green Features Coway's bidet conserves natural resources and is an eco-friendly product. It uses less than a gallon of water per day for the average family. It greatly reduces the need for toilet paper and with the average family using 183 rolls of toilet paper per year – this product could save 1.3 million trees a year. If the bidet is not used for ten minutes, the power consumption is automatically reduced, saving energy. The water is also instantly heated when using the cleansing function so that users can immediately choose their desired water temperature, saving 50% more energy than water that has been preheated.

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Mohammad Jeelani Marketing Assistant United Yousef M. Naghi Co. Ltd. Phone: +966 2 6633888 Fax: +966 2 6659071 Email:

About Coway Coway promotes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for its customers. Coway products include air purifiers, water filtration devices, digital bidets and other well-being home appliances. Coway, recognized as a global leader in the home appliance category, distribut oled technology on mobile phone es a wide range of home appliances in 80 countries. For U.S. market, Coway has over 40 business partners who carry its innovative products, which are distributed nationwide. Many leading home centers, mass merchandisers, and specialty retailers carry Coway products nationwide. For additional information, please visit - or

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