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Airline Pilot Training accessible to all

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 19, 2011 – The ESMA Aviation Academy is deciding to offer more i oled technology on mobile phone n 2011 with a comprehensive training program post-Baccalaureate*. Everything is included – from the first day of training to the cockpit of an airliner, ESMA in both Montpellier and Paris accompanies its student pilots during 18 months and beyond by putting them in the best possible position…

A new Airline Pilot syllabus has been developed by the training team made up of nearly 60 instructors to respond perfectly to the current needs of airlines around the world. Designed to last 18 months and combining the theoretical section and more than 200 flying hours, the 'ATPI Excellence 2011' program integrates the latest generation of tools such as an iPad, which is used throughout the course as a training aid, or an on-line ATPL multimedia platform unique in Europe giving access to all of the ATPL theoretical courses and millions of multiple-choice tests.

And that isn't all…

ATPL English documentation by the world leader Jeppesen, personal insurance covering the loss of medical fitness, a personal workspace within the 11,000 m2 of facilities which make up the ESMA Montpellier centre… These are just some examples of the resources put at the disposal of ESMA's student pilots. As for flying conditions, the ESMA offers exceptional conditions in Europe at its Montpellier academy and its 300 days of sun per year. The students enjoy a costal environment close to Spain located only a few nautical miles from alpine and Pyrenean reliefs, all at th my photo and wallpaper e heart of international air traffic guaranteeing a unique training quality in the favourite town of the French (Poll by France Soir/ISPOS April 2010). With its strong partnership with the Voltige Hérault Languedoc-Roussillon team, the most successful aerobatics team in the world, the ESMA also offers an aerobatics flight to each of its ATPI 2011 student pilots. The ESMA mission doesn't end with obtaining the airline pilot qualification. Monitoring in fact continues after training via a network of alumni students on-line as part of a private community and an entire module where students are coached in airline selections by an active Boeing 531276856  777 First Officer. The first group of 'ATPI Excellence 2011' students joined the ESMA on the 7th March and two further intakes are planned in 2011 on the 7th June and the 7th September.

* Applications are judged & based on paper applications for holders of a scientific Baccalaureate and on interview and evaluation tests for holders of all other Baccalaureates.

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