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AVADirect Releases AMD HD 6990M For Gaming Notebooks

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 15, 2011 – AVADirect is one of the first outlets to offer the AMD HD 6990M in Clevo

P150HM. P170HM, and X7200 gaming notebook models. AVADirect has already begun taking pre-orders as of today and plans to ship out the notebooks with dedicated AMD HD 6990M graphics cards to expecting customers within 3-4 weeks.

Mobile graphics card are moving into an entirely new direction; that of the desktop. Much like Nvidia's GTX 580M, ATI's HD 6990M has improved performance over th my photo and wallpaper e previous mobile graphics cards offered in notebooks today. The release of ATI's HD 6990M is in direct competition with Nvidia's "fastest notebook GPU in the world", the GTX 580M. This statement is no longer a fact, considering the HD 6990M is claimed to hold a 25% performance increase of Nvidia's most powerful mobile graphics card. The add insult to injury, the ATI HD 6990M also supports Eyefinity, GPU app acceleration, and HD3D; making the ATI 6990M a worthy competitor toward Nvidia's GTX 580M graphics processor. These improvements are huge when compared against previous AMD mobile graphics cards and may very well create a new standard for ATI to follow in future oled technology on mobile phone mobile graphic cards.

By using the new ATI HD 6990M series mobile graphics card combined with the X58 and P67 mobile chipsets it removes a majority of the data bandwidth limitations that all mobile platforms have suffered from ever since their existence. The benefits of DDR3 RAM did not show early on in development, but as technology begins to advance the IT industry begins to see the true colors of DDR3. AVADirect's new Sandy Bridge notebooks have the capability to run DDR3 SODIMM RAM at 1600Mhz stable. Both the X58 and P67 mobile chipsets also provide built-in HDMI outputs for LCD connectivity and other large displays. USB 3.0 port are now standard with all Clevo models that offer the GTX 580M. Last but not least, the mobile P67 Clevo models mentioned also feature SATA 6Gb/s ports to power and utilize SATA 6Gb/s devices to full advantage. To receive the full performance benefit of the increased bandwidth end-users will want to consider using a solid state disk as their primary operating system drive, and a secondary hard disk for data storage. This setup has become a standard in a majority of hardware setups to date.

ATI's HD 6990M is $200+ cheaper than Nvidia's GTX 580M graphics card. Though, many sources have claimed the performance is not much better than the GTX 580M, (as opposed to ATI's statement of a 25% increase) it is still something to think about.

GPU Engine Specs:

Engine Clock Speed: 715Mhz Compute Power: 1.6 TFLOPs Transistors: 1.7 Billion Stream Processing Units : 1120 Texture Units: 56 Z/Stencil ROP Units: 128 ROP Units: 32 Memory Bandwidth: 115.2GB/sec Memory 531276856  Interface: GDDR5 Memory Interface Width: 256-bit

Feature Support:

Microsoft DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.1 Bus Support: PCI-E 2.0 Certified for Windows 7 CrossfireX Options: Dual-GPU Scaling AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology: Up to six displays Display Support Maximum Digital Resolution: 560x1600 Maximum VGA Resolution: 2048x1536

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