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American company added to Aero Sekur Group

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 24, 2011 – Aero Sekur Inc., New Jersey: Aero Sekur, the specialist in safety systems and advanced flexible structures for aerospace and defence applications, has established a company in North America. Ursella Slusher moves from a senior sales position at General Pneumatics to head Aero Sekur Inc. The new division sits alongside sister companies in the UK and Italy where primary manufacturing and R&D is h oled technology on mobile phone oused. Additionally, Aero Sekur has an international network of MRO service providers.

my photo and wallpaper Initial presence for Aero Sekur in the US is a liaison, marketing and engineering office in New Jersey. Relocation is planned within two years to facilities with manufacturing, production and an FAA FAR-145 repair station. Principal functions that will be recruited as the first phase of staff for Aero Sekur Inc. are engineers and a Quality Manager.

Ursella Slusher heads Aero Sekur Inc. – she joins the company with over 23 years experience in the aerospace and defense industries including work in the fields of sales, marketing and general management across the business-to-business and business-to-government arenas.  Ms. Slusher worked in General Pneumatics' Western Research Center R&D division focusing on Department of Defense and NASA activities for alternative energy.  In 2006, Ms. Slusher was promoted to head the sales division at General Pneumatics' headquarters.

Supporting global growth, Aero Sekur's primary manufacturing facility has been restructured into business units, namely: MRO; Collective Protection Systems; Personal Protection Systems; Airborne Systems and Space. A new unit for Innovative Products and Business Development has also been formed – this ensures cross-fertilisation of inter-departmental knowledge and continuation of R&D initiatives.

Aero Sekur has a forty year history of innovation and expertise developing systems using advanced flexible materials for the international aerospace and defence markets.

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