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LED Floodlights/LED Tunnel Lights with high efficiency of Nichi LEDs up to 90lm/w

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 18, 2011 – ---What are the main features of KinLumens LED Floodlights?

● The LED Floodlights are consisting of 4-10pcs aluminum lighting bars with Nichia LEDs (NCSW219) inside;

● Each robust aluminum bar is built with a protection level of IP65 and with patented designing heat sink at back;  

● Each aluminum bar is independent (with male/female connector at back of one end to be connected with the LED my photo and wallpaper Driver) and can be easily replaceable after screw it loose at front;

● There are some considerable gaps between the aluminum bars. We called it self heating and self radiating structure. It requires no fan to help to cool the light fixture, and will let strong winds go through smoothly, so the Floodlight will be safe even to be installed in a high building.  

● With the fanless design, it ensure aboslutely silent operation.   ● The LED Drivers are from Taiwan Meanwell with a IP67 protection level. The driver is kept some considerable distance away from the heat sink of the LEDs. and will not transfer the heat from itself to the LEDs.

---How can KinLumens guarantee a lifespan of 50,000hrs?   Adopting the so-called self heating and self radiating structure, and with the support of wholly aluminum body, the LED Floodlights have excellent quality for heat emission. We have tested some qty of lamps that are working in a 30℃environment, the dot temp where those Cree leds are soldered onto the aluminum bar is about 40-50℃, we know the junction temp of the leds is about 25℃ higher that of the dot temp, oled technology on mobile phone and so the junction temp we can caculate is about 75℃. The Cree Co. can guarantee if its LEDs in a junction temp of 85℃ (ours is 75℃), the LED lifespan will be more than 50,000. This is the same conclusion to those Cree LEDs in our lights.

--Where are the LED Floodlight to be used?

Billboard, Building outer scene, City Square, Stadium, 531276856  Exhibition hall, Factory warehouse, Parking lot, Gas station, Tunel, and etc.

At present, KinLumens have already developed some models like 40W/60W/90W/120W/150/300W, and the color temp ranges from a Warm 2700K to a Cool 7000K.

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