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Cooling Fans for Electronics in Enclosures and Projector Heat

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 29, 2011 – Electronics have an inherent weakness and that weakness is heat; electronics need to be cooled as they go through their everyday processes and tasks for us. Cooling fans are often a second thought for most people and companies integrating electronics in projects and even finished solutions. http://www.ssidisplays.com/projector-heat

Chances are that you are reading this because you to are looking for a solution to your cooling your electronics overheating woes and need a solution fast; the answer is simple the method to a verified solution that will actually work is requiring that you confirm your requirements and the opportunities for successful heat expulsion. Because there is more to it than just blowing air on something to cool it down it is recommended that you look for the best way to find the cause of the electronics overheating and work forwards.  

Projector heat for instance - Heat is the #1 killer of electronic devices and as you have already or will find out, when your projector overheats it will suffocate and shutdown without warning. Projectors are equipped with just enough fan power to cool it in the average situation; as soon as you venture outside those pre defined parameters you will experience unexpected circumstances.

Do you remember in economics class when they were talking about supply and demand? Often the biggest problem with regards to cooling electronics is there is typically minimal supply and even less exhaust; however the demand is great and therefore we have inflation. A cooling fan alone is not going to do the trick and drop the temperature in your cabinet, enclosure or spac oled technology on mobile phone e, you need to create some negative demand and exit point for the heat.

As you look into your electronics overheating issues you will soon discover that there is more than anything a supply and demand issue; although this isn't catered specifically to CPU's and computer towers used for hard core gaming there is some truth here for those applications as well. Cooling fans are great but unless used properly you could potentially just be moving hot air around at a faster rate and therefore creating increased friction.

It is best that you ventilate the electronics heat away from the source as immediately as possible, by doing this you will stand a better chance of keeping the projector or electronics cool with the fan. Do remember that airflow is critical and much like the human body your electronics like a fan on a hot day as well; the difference is that every day is hot for them. http://www.ssidisplays.com/projector-enclosures-use-high ...

If for any reason you are not sure what enclosure size you may need or even my photo and wallpaper the type of enclosure that is right for your situation, please contact a member of our team to review your needs and determine the appropriate solution for your project. We have never come across a problem situation we couldn't combat with a proper solution; contact a Screen Solutions team member at 888-631-5880 http://projectorenclosure.com/heat-kills

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