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Waterproof DryBUDS SPORT Now Available

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 20, 2011 – PRODUCT AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW

New from DryCASE: DryBUDS SPORT Waterproof Earbuds Stay Active while Jamming out with DryBUDS SPORT DryCASE is the ONLY Waterproof Case that Actually Vacuum Seals Portable Electronics

Wilmington, NC (July 2011)—Don't you wish you could listen to your my photo and wallpaper iPod, iPhone, MP3 player while taking a swim? With the new DryBUDS SPORT 100% waterproof earbuds you can! New from DryCASE, DryBUDS SPORT earbuds have been made with the extremely active user in mind.

The DryBUDS SPORT utilize an over ear clip that keeps the buds in place in almost any activity and are suitable for a variety of sports. They have a waterproof ability designed to go up to three meters/ three hours in the water. With DryBUDS SPORT you can listen to outstanding sound quality underwater, as well as out of water. Three ear cup sizes, that are included with the earbuds, give you the option to choose what is most comfortable for you. You can use DryBUDS SPORT with your DryCASE while swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, running, or any other activity that you would like to enjoy with music. The DryBUDS SPORT reta oled technology on mobile phone ils for only $34.99 531276856  and will keep you worry free with a one year product warranty.

For more information and to find a retailer, please visit www.DryCASE.com or call 1-888-6000-DRY.

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