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Silhouette Takes Off On Final Shuttle Mission

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 28, 2011 – Silhouette's super-lightweight, screw-less, titanium Titan Minimal Art eyewear was chosen for use by NASA astronauts when on space missions and the final 12 day mission of the space shuttle Atlantis to the ISS Space Station is no different, as the four person Atlantis crew led by Commander Chris Ferguson will be taking Silhouette's Titan Minimal Art into space for the 35th time! Titan Minimal Art has been chosen mission after mission because it provides astronauts with free, sharp vision: and at only 1.8 grams, it is not just the lightest eyewear in the world, but also in the universe. 70% of astronauts use eyewear every day and in space the stats increase to 90%, which is why eyewear selection is so important. In space the my photo and wallpaper astronauts have a busy workload in and out of the shuttle and space station – they need to enjoy perfect, unimpeded vision to perform intricate tasks safely, often in awkward weightless conditions and they cannot afford to use anything but the best possible, safest possible eyewear – which is where Silhouette technology fits in. The company has made constant developments and improvements to the product over the years and whilst it is so valued by astronauts it is also available for discerning spectacle wearers here on Earth.

About Titan Minimal Art When Silhouette's Titan Minimal Art was first introduced in 1999, it became a sensation based on its revolutionary rimless, pared down style and today has sold over 8 million models worldwide. So, it's no wonder that NASA engineers and ophthalmologists took notice of this eyewear. For the critical experts at NASA, not only wa oled technology on mobile phone s low weight important, but also innovative technologies such as screwless and hingeless design, the enormous elasticity and robustness in the material titanium, and, of course, the perfect form fit as well – even under the most extreme conditions, like under helmets. And: Titan Minimal Art is around 80% hand made – in Austria.

While this may be the last NASA flight for the time being, it is not the end of Silhouette's time in outer space. Silhouette is planning to furnish space tourists with its nearly weightless eyewear. Arnold and Klaus Schmied, chairmen and co-owners of Silhouette International: "We are, of course, very happy to see that our eyewear meets the high technical standards of NASA. The quality standards are state of the art. We are also, of course, excited about this last space shuttle flight."

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