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Which Ebook Reader Should You Choose? by Poor Credit Loans 4 You

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 29, 2011 – What is an ebook reader? Some of you may ask. An ebook is a device that allows you to download ebooks from the internet or upload them from your computer. Ebooks are digital versions of books that can be read on an ebook reader, these can be downloaded from many places and you can even obtain some for free.

In the last 6 months there has been many changes, updates and new introductions in the world of ebook readers, some of them good and some not so good.

"Ebooks are a great invention and with technology greatly improving all the time, things can only get better," said James Jones from Poor Credit Loans 4 You who specialise in helping people with poor credit acquire loans for various purposes.    http://www.poor-credit-loans-4-you.co.uk/poor-credit-loa ...

The Amazon Kindle was widely regarded as the best Ebook reader last year and is still one of the best today and at great value with the basic Kindle available from £111 new and a Kindle 3G available new from £152 at Amazon. Amazon claim the Kindle has no glare, even in bright sunlight and weighing 247 grams is lighter than most paperback books and with the Amazon 3G you get the free 3G connectivity to download your ebooks.

The consumer magazine "Which?" recently published reviews of different ebook readers and the Amazon Kindle this time came second behind the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650, the reviews were based on the ease of use and the features that each ebook device has to offer.

"Although the Sony Reader Touch came out on top of the ebook reader comparisons, it is around £50 more expensive than the Amazon Kindle that offers you 3G and Wi-Fi where as the Sony Reader as none of these so if you are on a poor credit budget the Amazon Kindle is more suitable financially," said James Jones.

Behind the top 2 is the Elonex 621EB ebook reader and at only £75 it is the cheapest on the comparison list but also one of the best.

"This Elonex model is a great alternative for a tight budget and is not far off the performance of its more expensive counter parts." said James Jones

The best ebook reader application was Apples iBooks for their iPad devices, which is free, but of course the iPad isn't and can set you back a significant sum of money.

The Apple iBook app can of course take advantage off all the iPads functions, so you have access to 3G and Wi-Fi to download your ebooks from iTunes, however the battery power of an iPad is significantly smaller than dedicated eBook readers because of the many other processes it performs.

The Top 8 on the List published by "Which?" magazine are:

1.   Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 2.   Amazon Kindle 3.   Elonex 621EB 4.   Delium EB600-D 5.   Bookeen Cybook Orizon 6.   Binatone 7" colour screen eBook 7.   Elonex 705EB 8.   Binatone 6" Read me e-book

And the top 3 ebook reader apps for other devices are:

1.   Apple iBooks for iPad 2.   Lexcycle Stanza for iPad 3.   Moon+ Reader for Android

When considering what E-book reader to purchase don't forget about the tablet devices that the top 3 ebook reader apps work on, such as the iPad 2 or The Motorola Xoom etc. Although these tablet PC's can cost more than E-Reader devices, they have many more functions and can be great value for money as they are not a great deal more expensive than the top end models of ebook readers.

"As the Technology evolv oled technology on mobile phone es on these devices, so does the accessories available for them. There are many accessories available for Ebook Readers and here at Poor Credit Loan 4 You we think the best one is the 'Aquapace- E-reader Case', it may not be very technical but could save you from having to potentially get yourself into poor credit to fund purchasing another ebook reader. The Aquapace-Reader Case you simply put your chosen device in it, seal it correctly and your device is now waterproof to protect you from clumsy mistakes if you want to read a book whilst relaxing in or around water," said James Jones from Poor Credit Loans 4 You.

When the cost of the ebook reader is out the way, it is then time to take into account the cost of the average ebook.

Ebooks can be bought from different online stores and on some devices you are restricted as to where to buy from as they have their own individual formats.

In the top 20 ebooks, the prices range from £2.99 for "Room" by Emma Donoghue to £7.99 for "One Day" by David Nicholls, where as for the same books in a printed version the cheapest is £4.50 and the most expensive is £6.20.

"Even though the most expensive ebook costs more than the most expensive printed book, the average price at all of the online stores besides Waterstones (Apple iBookstore, Kindle Store, Kobo and WHSmith) is cheaper than the average printed price," said James Jones from Poor Credit Loans 4 You.

Even though the average price is cheaper, many people still feel that the price of ebooks should be even lower as there is no printing or shipping costs.

However there are certain costs that push the ebook prices up such as VAT, printed books are no subject to VAT but ebooks are, also the ebooks must be stored my photo and wallpaper somewhere digitally and this need to be maintained and then there are costs that apply to both ebooks and printed books such as editing costs and author payments.

"All these extra costs add up and contribute to the ebook prices, however they are still generally cheaper than printed versions and are a lot more accessible and you can carry around hundreds at a time and on a lot of models have easy access to new books that you wish to purchase, so ebooks are generally better value for money," said James Jones from Poor Credit Loans 4 You.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You helps out people who fear they have been blacklisted because of past poor credit history which could include CCJ's and defaults, arrears, late credit card payments or repossessions.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You holds a Consumer Credit Licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You is also covered by the Financial Ombudsman.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You is also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for Data Protection.

For help, phone 0800 215 5860

Or visit: http://www.poor-credit-loans-4-you.co.uk/poor-credit-loa ...


Notes for Editor:

Loans 4 You of London Ltd Innovation Centre Monks Brook PO30 5WB

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Poor Credit Loans 4 You was formed in order to ensure people with poor credit had access to specialist help in securing the poor credit loans they need.

From its UK head office in Monks Brook, Loans 4 You operates across Britain, sourcing poor credit loans for people with poor credit.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You holds a Consumer Credit Licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You is also covered by the Financial Ombudsman.

Poor Credit Loans 4 You is also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for Data Protection.

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