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TriPower Consulting Employs Human Element to Staffing......

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 19, 2011 – Tuesday: July 20th, 2011 Boutique Staffing Firm Employs the Human Element

Boutique Staffing Firm Employs the Human Element

Today, Tri-Power Consulting, LLC announced the initial launch of its new "Careers" web-portal which has been designed to aid the Company's efforts in the Contingent Labor market. The web-portal allows public access to numerous job postings for a wide range of engineering disciplines as well as other technology needs required to support its growing customer base. The Company supports mainlyaerospace and  power utility industry but also has out reaches in numerous technology markets such as life sciences, energy and information technology.

The company's President, Michael Mastice, felt it was mission critical to do so with 1 out of 10 people currently unemployed nationwide. 'Small business, Mastice stated, has always been the life blood of the American economy and it is therefore our responsibility to help put Americans back to work. It is also an opportunity to for the Company to grow its business".

"We needed to stay ahead of the bell curve and give people an employment outlet… And let them know that there's a warm body on the phone that would speak with them in regards to their career aspirations," said Mastice about the newly visible contingent labor program – this is the essence of the Human Element.

According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics long-term contingent labor makes up almost 68% of the workforce and has been received by many leading corporations because of three key components; lower tax-burdens, non-assumed health benefits and work-force flexibility.

"In this country we got to get back to basics by getting some feet on the street and giving the average American my photo and wallpaper some hope", claims Mastice. He see's the employment picture looking a little less bleak but moving rather slowly. In addition to that Mastice is a mechanical engineer. He believes that in order to play t oled technology on mobile phone he part…'ve have to act in 531276856  the play.

Tri-Power Consulting, LLC was founded in 1996 and places contingent labor to an array of multi-disciplinary applications such as engineers, IS/IT, Project Managers and other technology experts to support major utility firms, aerospace and defense, biotechnology as well as major pharmaceutical companies.

For further information in creating your contingent labor program, call Michael C. Hornyak (973) 227-8235 or check out our new site at:

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