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Downloadable Content Revenue to reach $6.4bn by 2014 - Tony Bartel (President, GameStop)

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 19, 2011 – GameStop recently powered into the cloud gaming space with the acquisition of Spawn Labs and Impulse. The recent comment is an indication of how they may see their service being monetized.

The report features interviews with the 4 keynote speakers of the Cloud Gaming USA conference & expo, which takes place in San Jose, September 7-8 and a key focus is on how games can be best monetized on the cloud.

David Perry (CEO of Gaikai) speaks about Gaikai's model of allowing publishers moving into oled technology on mobile phone the cloud to take control of their own revenue models: "All we do is charge to manage the servers, then it's up to the publisher to charge whateve my photo and wallpaper r they like. It's their customer; it's their revenue. They can come up with all kinds of methods – like if it's micro-transaction-based, that's fine."

Richard Hilleman (Chief Creative Director of EA) believes that the appstore model will not dominate charging in the cloud, contending that if you produce a high quality product, you will be able to charge a price that reflects this. "If I'm trying to sell somebody something that is a highly immersive experience on their 55" television, then I'm deliver¬ing the streaming game or some other Web GL plus HTML5 at a very high level. If I do a good job at that repeatedly, they will pay me at the door as they would at a movie theater."

Brian Farrell (CEO of THQ) expects that "much like we have seen in social and casual gaming in the past few years – monetization will evolve rapidly and in multiple directions, 531276856  with different models working best for different types of games." The full report is available for download, free, at http://www.cgconfusa.com/download-report.shtml?utm_source=prweb&ut m_medium=pr&utm_campaign=pr3

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