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IMC Club 2.0 - Full subscription members will have access to the pilotworkshops.com program

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 26, 2011 – Norwood, Massachusetts – Instrument proficiency organization IMC Club International, Inc. has reached an agreement with PilotWorkshops.com to make Pilot Workshops training modules an integral part of IMC Club's monthly chapter meetings nationwide.

Under the new IMC Club structure, dubbed IMC Club 2.0, all members will have access to a portion of the IFR Mastery workshops each month produced by the Pilotworkshops.com at Club meetings.  Full subscription club members will also have unlimited access to the pilotworkshops.com program through the IMC Club website.

"I am very happy with this development. Our members will have direct access to the state of the art instrument flight training. This is probably the best alliance we have ever formed" – said Radek Wyrzykowski, the President of IMC Club.

"The synergy is obvious. We are two unique organizations that are addressing ongoing IFR proficiency and safety among General Aviation pilots. I am looking forward to making our experts and resources available to the members of IMC Club."  - said Mark Robidoux.

PilotWo my photo and wallpaper rkshops.com is a nationally recognized training resource focused on instrument flight proficiency. It combines the best of today's technology with the teaching skills and experience of top flight instructors and aviation professionals.

IMC Clubs is a membership based non-profit organization focused on instrument proficiency and safety with 28 chapters and nearly 1000 members nationwide.

Formal changeover to the IMC Club 2.0 and its new oled technology on mobile phone system is planned to be made during the EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh this year.

For more information: www.imcclubs.org, www.imcclubs.com, www.pilotworkshops.com


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