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GeoRoamer Driving Tour Guide App for Yellowstone National Park Now Available for Android Users

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 21, 2011 – VentureDNA is proud to announce the availability of the Android version of the GeoRoamer App for Yellowstone National Park now available for over 420 additional devices. GeoRoamer for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch was released last year to a global audience who selected the app for use while traveling through the park. GeoRoamer was also selected as a finalist in the Chicago Innovation Awards for 2010 as one of the most significant new products introduced in 2010 and is also the only feature-rich travel app that does not require cell service or Wi-Fi to use in the otherwise cell-tower free national park. VentureDNA, recognized as a leader in mobile app and new media user-experience development and high yield branding and marketing campaigns, was selected to develop this technology for use as a platform for Yellowstone and other travel destinations. This is one of the premium apps developed by VentureDNA for Apple and Android devices.

The GeoRoamer app includes the mapping of over 150 waypoints with corresponding historic audio files that play on approach to the waypoint using the mobile devices' GPS technology while driving in the park.  With the capabilities of playing on over 420 new devices this season, GeoRoamer will help more visitors to the park learn more about its hidden secrets from the past with the audio tour guide playing.

"We were very encouraged with the success of GeoRoamer last year for use at Yellowstone and the positive feedback we got from the community that we moved forward with our plans to add an Android version for the 2011 season to support over 400 additional devices," said Stewart Dixon, CEO of VentureDNA. "Not only is this a low-cost way to experience Yellowstone but a percentage of all sales give back to the non-profit organizations that support the park."

The GeoRoamer development team pulled together over a century of knowledge about the "Geyser Wonderland" with audio tour segments from well-known and respected park experts:  Aubrey Haines, John Good, and Lee Whittlesey. These segments were carefully mapped to the GPS waypoints (Global Positioning System so visitors will always know where they are, what's near, and how far to go to the next stop, even without cell phone service. GeoRoamer my photo and wallpaper is programmed with detailed information for over 150 key points of interest in the park as well as links to area businesses, from shopping, lodging, camping, and dining. You can even use the "Follow Me" function to have the app track your path through the park using the GPS technology on your device and store photos and videos to share from waypoints that you visited on Facebook and Twitter social networking sites.

GeoRoamer is available in the Android Market and the Apple iTunes App Store for $8.99 and includes scheduled updates at http://www.georoameryellowstone.com. Proceeds from the app will go to benefit three non-profit organizations (National Parks Conservation Association, The Nature Conservancy, Grea oled technology on mobile phone ter Yellowstone Coalition) selected by the benefactor of the development of GeoRoamer. Once downloaded, the app will work using GPS coordinates within Yellowstone National Park and will automatically play the audio tour upon approaching each of the over 150 waypoints in the system. The mobile app features the "must see" pre-programmed tour stops as well as giving the user the ability to program their own tour and journal their experience along the way including uploading photos and sharing on Facebook. (Android Market or iTunes App Store Keyword: GeoRoamer)

Fans can share their experience on their Facebook pages directly from the GeoRoamer iPhone App and also share on the GeoRoamer Facebook Fan page http://www.facebook.com/YellowstoneGeoRoamer or follow Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/YellowstoneGR. More information and video demonstrations can be found at the GeoRoamer site at http://www.georoameryellowstone.com.

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