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Home Automation Fastest Growing Home Improvement Trend

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 27, 2011 – LOS ANGELES (7/27/2011) – There is a growing trend towards automating home improvement projects, according to online coupon website Couponsophy.com. Home automation coupons have seen a rise of 700% in terms of online use in the last three months, from May to July 2011, when compared to the previous 3-month period, which puts it on top of other traditionally popular home improvement projects such as landscaping and repainting.

Home Automation Home automation, an until-recently little-known niche, involves automatically controlling home appliances and fixtures such as lighting, security, and audio visual equipment. Projects include controlling all home lighting using only one master switch, turning lights on and off as people enter and leave a room, and controlling multiple TV devices from one master remote.

Home Owners Looking to Save Energy And Money The reasons for automating home devices are many, but saving energy and money is one of the top concerns, according to Christina Weber, owner of Couponsophy.com. "We have seen an increase in the number of energy-saving coupons used in the last three months," she says, "which makes sense when you consider people are turning on their air conditioners during the summer and feeling the pinch in their wallet when the higher electricity bill comes due. With the recession, people want to save money, and making home electronics more energy efficient is a great place to start."

The most-used discount during the latest three-month period was a Smarthome coupon. The company, which manufactures and sells home automation equipment, outperformed other better-known national brands in the same niche. With home lighting automation discounts the most popular on Couponsophy.com, the website is looking to give users more access to home automation coupons in the future. With the average home automation project costing around $200, using a coupon could really make sense, especially if the energy efficiency improvements could save customers money every month.

Home Automation Trend Continues Into Winter "People are still willing to spend time and money if it means they can save in the long run," says Weber about home improvement shopper my photo and wallpaper s. "Partners who continue to offer value for money will be the best performers, and home automation is looking to be big this summer." But she believes the trend is not purely seasonal. In winter, simila oled technology on mobile phone rly-minded home owners will be looking to cut down on heating bills, and home automation provides several cost-effective means to do that. Couponsophy expects home automation coupons and energy-saving home improvement discounts to perform well throughout the summer and well into winter. These include promotions related to heating appliances, lighting, security, and, surprisingly, pet care. Learn more and find home automation coupons at http://couponsophy.com/smarthome-coupons.

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