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Multi-Touch Flytouch 3 Rocks iPad 2 adds Built-in 3G Phone Calling

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 24, 2011 – The iBex Fly Touch 3 was released in January 2011.  Due to it's polularity and ever increasing demand, many clone or fake factories out of China have been making similar models confusing customers.

The clones are sold online auction sites and B2C Chinese platforms. Many resellers and 3rd party websites do not even know that they are selling these clones. Popular clones the have buggy non-upgradeable firmare are the Superpad III Sawee10, and P014  SuperPai.

Despite the warnings online regarding "Fake" tablets, there will be more and more clones as time passes because more and more people are becoming aware of the real iBex Flytouch 3's robust functionality and comparitive cheapness compared to the Apple iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Motorola Xoom.

Recently, iBex upped the anty by releasing the exclusive 32gb Flytouch 3. iBex is the sole distributor of the 32gb version Fly Touch and FacePad.

Yesterday, iBex released yet another tablet that clone factories will not be able to compete with; The Flytouch4-3g, a.k.a. the Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen, built-in 3g Capable Phone calling Flytouch 3 v2.

While the Capacitive Flytouch 3 v2 may be a little pricier than the original tablet, it is a good tablet for those who have a little more to spend for a more responsive touch screen and built-in 3g ( will not have to use external 3g modem E1750 or worry about upgrading the ROM to a 3g compatible firmware).

Lastly, the 3g Enabled Flytouch 3 can make Phone calls and has bluetooth!

Other features include: Android 2.2 operating system. Infotmic 4th generation processor, 1GHz. DDR2 512MB, 4GB HDD (only 2gb Free), 2 oled technology on mobile phone TF card slots for memory expansion. 10-inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen WIFI, built-in 3G module (WCDMA 850/1900/2100MHz). Supports making and receiving Phone calls. G-Sensor: support screen rotation, 3D accelerator for 3D G-games. 1.3MP camera, 1080P HDMI. Buil my photo and wallpaper t in Bluetooth, GPS module

Apple should be worried as these specifications are looking juicier than the iPad 2's. In addition the price tag is just half the price of the overrated iPad.

More 3g Tablet Reviews, Specificiations and buy links can be found on the iBex authorized reseller page on the support forum: b-Fl ...

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