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Fairview Microwave Introduces 1.85mm 65gHz Bias T’s

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 26, 2011 – Fairview Microwave announces the introduction of a 65ghz Bias T. Intended for Fiber Optic, test, and 60gHz communications, this Bias T features a VSWR of 1.8:1 maximum, insertion loss of 2.0db max,  and can handle 500ma current at 25 volts. This microwave Bias T also operates down to 30kHz making it suitable for fiber optic communication applications. Input and output are via 1.85mm-Female connectors, & bias is applied through a dc pin. Microwave and RF Bias Tee's are useful in allowing volta my photo and wallpaper ge to be introduced into a microwave signal path with minimal effect upon the signal itself.

For more information, including pricing, specifications, and inventory levels, see http://www.fairviewmicrowave.com/biast.htm

Fairview Microwave specializes in offering off the shelf RF / Microwave passive components, including coaxial adapters, attenuators, raw bulk cable, Low PIM components, terminations, phase shifters, dc blocks, coaxial opens, c oled technology on mobile phone oaxial shorts, connectors, isolators, circulators, filters, phase shifters, power dividers, switches, standard gain horns, and cable assemblies. Our components span the frequency range of 0-65 GHz. Test Data available includes VSWR, Return Loss, and PIM performance. The website includes detailed specifications, inventory levels, pictures, and on line ordering. Connector types include SMA, type N, TNC, BNC, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 1.85mm, qma, smb, smc, smp, g3po, ssmb, ssmc, 10-32 microdot, and ssma. We ship around the world and are proud of our same day shipping. Standard connectors are built in accordance with the interface specifications of MIL-STD-348, and plating is per MIL-G-45204. Fairview Microwave offers an extensive selection of off the shelf components, and will also consider custom microwave components.

Please visit our website for additional information at www.fairviewmicrowave.com

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