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ADSoftware launches its new Time-tracking Software

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 07, 2011 – ADSoftware introduced AirWork, an integrated module of the AIRPACK maintenance software suite. The new module is a Time–tracking software working with a data a collection device and touch screen. This eliminates labour-intensive, ad hoc and error-prone manual processes and, in turn, helps airlines and maintenance organisations to dramatically lower the day-to-day cost of operations.

The AIRPACK suite is composed of six modules which are linked together to reach maximum efficiency: Airtime (Fleet management- CAMO), AirStock (Inventory control – Logistics), AirDoc (Documentation management), AirUser, (Security management) and Airstat (Reliability and statistic reports) and AirWork (Time-tracking). This suite is one of the key pillars of ADSoftware's business and has made its renown in the industry, hence the company has recently celebrated its entry in the world TOP 10 Aviation software leaders list.

The top two priorities that airlines expect IT to support, are impro my photo and wallpaper ving processes and controlling wide operating costs. However, many chief information officers are faced with the daunting task of meeting this demand with out-dated tools and manual, ad hoc oled technology on mobile phone processes that are insufficient to manage increasingly complex industry requirements.

A time tracking software is a category of computer software that allows its users to record time spent on tasks. This software is typically used by professionals who bill their customers by the hour such as Repair and Overhaul facilities (MRO). For Airlines and helicopters operators, it's the perfect tool to easily record man hours and control labour costs. It represents an electronic version of the traditional paper timesheet.

In addition, the bar code and touch screen technology offered by AirWork makes ADSoftware's module quicker and easier to use than other systems available on the market.

"We have been aggressively 531276856  expanding our software portfolio in the last four years to broaden and deepen our capabilities to help customers improve their activity," said Frederick Ulrich, ADSoftware's CEO. "This relentless focus on customers has been paying off and more customers are choosing AIRPACK to achieve their business goals."

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