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Aviation conference puts Isle of Man on the map

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 30, 2011 – THE FIRST ever international aviation conference to be organised on the Isle of Man is due to take place on Tuesday 12 July 2011. Douglas based company ICM Aviation Ltd, which specialises in private aircraft ownership structures, importation and registration, is organising this event with the support of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry. The conference will take place at the Villa Marina and the delegates will be arriving from the UK, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Switzerland and beyond from different sectors of the aviation industry.

Mark Byrne, director of ICM Aviation and the man behind the idea told us:

"Following the fantastic success of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry in putting the Island on the international aviation industry's radar, I wanted us to organise something that would showcase the Island's wide range of aviation interests which includes engineering and manufacturing, design and maintenance. We will also be celebrating the Aircraft Registry's 4th birthday".

The conference, entitled Isle of Man: The International Aviation Centre is promoted by aviation events company Aeropodium and is aimed at attracting industry professionals from off island who have seen and in many instances participated in the island's aviation story but who may not appreciate the wider aviation opportunities or seen the Isle of Man for themselves.

Mark added: "We are encouraging visiting delegates to stay on the island for longer than the day of the conference to enjoy all of the leisure pursuits on offer as well as the glorious Manx countryside. We expect some of our speakers and delegates to fly their own aircraft over for the event so are hoping for good weather. We have arranged a post conference hangar party at the Isle of Man airport to celebrate what we believe will be a positive event for the island's aviation industry and maybe just the first aviation conference of many."

Keynote speaker at the event is the Hon Allan Bell MHK, Minister for Economic Development. Other speakers from government include Tim Craine and Adrian Moore who will talk about the Isle of Man in Space and the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster respectively. Malcolm Couch from the Treasury and Alistair Nash from Customs & Excise have also been invited to speak.

One of the highlights of the conference will be the presentation by Thierry Betbeze of Dassault Aviation who will be talking about their experience of using services on the Isle of Man.

Director of the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration, Brian Johnson, who is also a speaker at the event, has been a key player in developing the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry since its creation in May 2007.

Brian told us: "This ICM Aviation initiative is a superb opportunity for the Island to showcase its growing involvement in the global aviation industry. For example, did you know that every new Airbus and Boeing airliner is flying with parts manufactured in the Isle of Man? We look forward to sharing more Isle of Man stories on the 12th July."

The conference organisers are also pleased to announce the participation of a number of Isle of Man based speakers including Courtenay Heading of Bladon Jets, Steven Quayle of Cains, Trevor Vels from Mac Commercial and Martin Sanderson of Aerotech International. They will be joined by Ann Reynolds Director of the Isle of Man 1086274749  Airport, Mark Byrne of ICM Aviation, Ian Jones from Ernst & Young and Sandra Skuszka of KPMG.

Mark Byrne commented on the line up: "I think this is going to be an extremely interesting conference. We have a great list of speakers who will all bring something different to the day. Stuart Peters from Manx Radio has agreed to compère the event. His involvement is very apt as he holds a private pilot license himself and understands the world of aviation. We hope oled technology on mobile phone that by the end of the conference all of the delegates will have a much better idea of the expertise on offer here and be inspired to look for new business opportunities with Manx based aviation professionals."

For further information about the conference including the agenda and list of speakers please visit our conference pages my photo and wallpaper : http://www.i.im/aviationconference

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