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BVM helps raise £65,000 for Institute of Cancer Research

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 01, 2011 – On Thursday 16th June, the Solus, a 41ft sailing yacht, set off from Shamrock Quay, Southampton, with its course set for the Channel Islands. The crew, made up from 5 experienced sailors and 4 volunteer sailing novices, undertook the voyage to help raise £65,000 for The Institute of Cancer Research.

The voyage was organised by BVM's General Manager, Robert Wainwright, as part BVM's annual fundraising drive, in association with Climb for Life, to help hit the target of raising £65,000 for The Institute of Cancer Research. The cause is close to the Southampton-based company's heart, with a number of the BVM team having friends and family affected by the disease. Anyone wishing to show their support can make a donation at http://www.justgiving.com/Robert-Wainwright-BVM.

Setting off from Southampton late Thursday evening, the novice crew, made up from employees of Bedford of Springfield Office Supplies, a Police Officer from the Special Weapons Unit and a teacher, experienced a baptism of fire as they sailed through the night to Alderney.

Graeme Chapman MBE founder of Climb of Life said: "We have now raised over a quarter of a million pounds in four years, but this is the first time that with Skipper Bob Wainwright's initiative, we are raising funds by crossing the English Channel in a 41ft sailing yacht.  All participants are praying for a steady breeze, without rain & gales"

BVM my photo and wallpaper Ltd chose to support Climb for Life and The Institute of Cancer research, after General Manager oled technology on mobile phone , Robert Wainwright had help raise over £500,000 for Children in Need and felt it was time to help support another worthy charity.

Robert said: "Sadly nearly all of us at some point have either directly or indirectly 1086274749  been touched by this disease but through the continued research and hard work of the Institute of Cancer Research today it is a battle we are winning but they need continued funds to continue this fight".

The voyage ended in the Solent on Monday morning, 20th June 2011.


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