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Heroic Neighbours Rescue Trapped Woman From Fire

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 08, 2011 – Despite being trapped on the third floor, resident Monica Lynn was guided to safety from her terraced house using a ladder.

The fire, which started early Sunday morning in Milton Keynes, UK, ravaged through the first and second floors, completely destroying t my photo and wallpaper he staircases.

Fortunately, a smoke alarm alerted Ms. Ly oled technology on mobile phone nn to the fire, whose injuries are miraculously limited to just bruises.

In a further act of bravery, neighbour Gavin Sweeney, who helped to rescue Ms. Lynn, entered the building to look for her family who could have also been trapped inside. Luckily, they had gone out for the evening.

Once on the scene, firefighters conducted a search of the property using a thermal imaging camera and also brought the blaze under control.

Mick Osborne, Buckinghamshire Fire Service area manager, said:

"This was a remarkable act of bravery by her neighbours, and another reminder of the vital importance of smoke alarms. Upon arrival, crews were faced with a well-developed fire on the first and second floors. The staircase at these levels had been destroyed by the fire."

"Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property to fight the fire and carry out a search of the premises using a thermal imaging camera. The fire was completely under control by 05:30 BST and crews remained on scene for a considerable time afterwards, damping down and checking there had been no 531276856  further spread of fire to adjacent properties."

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