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Into the Cloud: Frost & Sullivan Webinar How to Meet Customer In-Car Infotainment Demands

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 13, 2011 – Connectivity is becoming the new battleground in the race for new automobile customers. While MP3 players have somehow become a standard, newer vehicles are coming with internet connectivi my photo and wallpaper ty. To provide this connectivity, the smartphone is becoming a major part of the infotainment system. Automakers and suppliers have therefore come up with various solutions to complement the influence of the smartphone and thus meet customer in-car infotainment demands.

These kinds of infotainment systems appear to bridge the gap between the auto and consumer electronics industries, but at the same time raise the question whether auto OEMs will be willing to give up their own involvement in infotainment and depend on external sources only. Another big challenge associated with the usage of smartphones inside vehicles is driver distraction. How much functionality should be allowed in a car while on the move?

Frost & Sullivan will hold a complimentary web conference, entitled In-vehicle Infotainment Journeys Into the Cloud: Frost & Sullivan Webinar on How to Meet Customer In-Car Infotainment Demands, taking place on Wednesday, 27th July 2011, at 2 p.m. BST. Industry Analyst, Vishnu Muralidharan, will provide an opportunity analysis, including information on market players, the value chain and projected future market growth, as well as challenges and trends for the European and North American Automotive Infotainment Market.

To participate in this compli oled technology on mobile phone mentary briefing, please email Katja Feick at katja.feick@frost.com with your full contact details. Upon receipt of the above information, a registration link will be e-mailed to you. You may also register to receive a recorded version of the briefing at anytime by submitting the aforementioned contact details.

"OEMs are expected to tread a fine line in managing their inherent responsibility to ensure safe control of the motor vehicle against the ever increasing customer requirements for entertainment and connectivity," 531276856  says Muralidharan. "To achieve this, automakers need to increase cooperation with several members across the value chain namely smartphone manufacturers, software providers, and telecom providers. Traditionally, auto companies have been reluctant to relinquish control, which makes the above argument more compelling," he concludes.

This complimentary web conference will benefit Tier 1 suppliers, M2M connectivity providers, IVI software providers, mobile operators, auto OEMs.

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