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NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Welcomes Country Singer Ansel Brown

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 06, 2011 – Kennedy Space Center, FL – NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will welcome country artist Ansel Brown on July 8th to commemorate the final launch of Space Shuttle program, STS-135 space shuttle Atlantis. Brown will perform his latest song, When You Fly, to thousands of guests at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex gathered to witness the launch of space shuttle Atlantis. Known for his "Bigger Heart", Mr. Brown has spent a number of years working with families oled technology on mobile phone in children's hospitals across the US. Now he's turning his attention to help celebrate the end of a great era in the Space Shuttle Program and the beg my photo and wallpaper inning of the next great chapter in space flight and exploration.

The end of the space shuttle program does not mean the end of NASA or even sending humans into space. NASA has a robust program of exploration, technology development and scientific research that will last for years to come.

"Like many Americans, I have a deep seated faith in the ability of our country to lead the way in space! When I learned that the Space Shuttle Program was ending, I couldn't believe how many people were thinking it was simply the end of it all." Ansel explained, "I wrote a song [When You Fly] with my wife Lisa about flying and daring to dream. To me this song is perfect in explaining that NASA will continue daring to dream... NASA is going to continue well beyond the Shuttle. The historical program's end just marks the beginning of the next great adventure. We do great things as a country when we fly!"

After the last shuttle landing, NASA and Ansel will be kicking off a radio tribute with the assistance of space shuttle astronaut, Jon McBride, to tell the world about the wonders of the shuttle program and what is to come.

For more information 531276856  you can visit http://www.nasa.gov >, http://www.kennedyspacecenter.com >, http://www.anselbrown.com >

Ansel Brown Contact: David Poindexter, Manager dpoindexter@anselbrown.com (704)201-6911

Me dia Contact: Andrea Farmer Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex afarmer@dncinc.com (321)449-4318

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